Love in a Dry Season

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Shelby Foote's magnificently orchestrated novel anticipates much of the subject matter of his monumental Civil War trilogy, rendering the clash between North and South with a violence all the more shocking for its intimacy.

Love in a Dry Season describes an erotic and economic triangle, in which two wealthy and fantastically unhappy Mississippi families, the Barcrofts and the Carrutherses, are joined by an open-faced fortune hunter from the North, a man whose ruthlessness is matched only by his inability to understand the people he tries to exploit and his fatal incomprehension of the passions he so casually ignites. Combining a flawless sense of place with a Faulknerian command of the grotesque, Foote's novel turns a small cotton town into a sexual battleground as fatal as Vicksburg or Shiloh, and one where strategy is no match for instinct and tradition.

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"A fascinating drama...the atmosphere is superbly managed; and on every score, this is a first-rate job of story-telling." (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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  • Michael Moore
  • 05/04/2020

A Story and Characters Not Worth Your Time

I came to know and appreciate Shelby Foote during the "Civil War" PBS series years ago. He was engaging and insightful in his comments on the Civil War, particularly from the Southern perspective.

Certainly, non-fiction and critical commentary, at which he excels, is different from a work of fiction. Still, I was surprised at the very poor quality of this work. The characters lack depth and interest. They are like comic book characters, plopped into a melodrama that does not lead to anything positive, insightful, or in the slightest way uplifting. It some ways it proceeds like an "anti-novel": instead of acquiring depth and wisdom as they proceed the characters simply tumble into ever greater depths of haplessness and dysfunction.

I would have to rate the book a waste of my time when all is said and done.