LifeParticle Sound Healing

Di: Ilchi Lee
Letto da: Ilchi Lee
Durata: 1 ora e 7 min
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LifeParticles, sometimes called ki or chi, give rise to all the diverse forms of life. This energy serves as a bridge between a person's inner consciousness and the physical world. As you learn to access the power of LifeParticles, your intentions become reality.

LifeParticles, in essence, are pure love. You may visualize them as rays of bright light being sent to a person or situation. The moment you focus on a person, thing, or goal, LifeParticles are immediately sent to it, materializing your intentions in the physical world. The best way to receive or send LifeParticles is with a calm mind and a pure, sincere heart.

LifeParticle Sound Healing uses sound to amplify the power of LifeParticles and awaken your natural healing abilities. The sounds of the crystal bowls, gongs, flutes, and other instruments, played by Ilchi Lee while in meditation, will generate subtle, yet powerful vibrations through your whole body. These vibrations will calm and purify your mind and emotions. The sounds have the power to activate the body's energy centers and allow LifeParticles to flow powerfully through your body.

With consistent practice, your health will improve and negative energies will be released, leaving your body and mind refreshed.

©2012 Ilchi Lee (P)2012 BEST Life Media

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  • Kindle Customer
  • 13/10/2013

Loved it

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

Yes, wonderful healing sounds. I love it. I feel like all my cells listening and hearing the sounds. They all appreciate it. Please try and experience it yourself.

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  • Mickey Brown Eyes
  • 31/07/2015

Truly Excellent recording

I visualise myself seated in a meadow with pure rays of 'Life Particles' shining down from above and the experience is beautiful beyond description, almost!
The recording is rather long just over an hour so I tend to play one or two chapters and this is enough.
The music is powerfully healing, it leaves a good feeling afterwards and Ilchi lee's voice blends beautifully into this blissful experience.
I would recommend this to anyone wanting to relax and heal on a deep level.

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