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Falling in love just got complicated. When Sienna McBride placed her baby for adoption at eighteen, she never dreamed that two years later she'd find herself falling for someone who resents his birth mother for not keeping him. 

A relationship that screams “baggage” is the last thing she has time for, especially with her last-chance Juilliard audition approaching. She can't afford any distractions if she's going to get back into the school she turned down because of her pregnancy. But that's exactly what Aaron is turning out to be-a devastatingly handsome, butterfly-inducing distraction. One that's making her reconsider the importance of attending Juilliard. 

The future of their relationship rests on whether Sienna can live a lie or trust Aaron with the truth. If only she felt confident in either decision. 

Get swept up in this sweetly romantic story today!

©2017 Lindzee Armstrong (P)2017 Lindzee Armstrong

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  • Adriana B
  • 21 12 2017

Excellent Contemporary Romance

I have read many audiobooks by this talented writer but this one was extra special because it was dealing with such sensitive issues as adoptions. This books covers both sides of the story. In one hand, there is a young lady that made the difficult decision to place her baby to be raised by another family. And in the other hand, a young man is bitter because his mom gave him up for adoption and he has a hard time coming to terms with that.

Narration is excellent and brought the story to life.

This is book 2 in the series but can be read as a stand-alone. It is a heartfelt story with touching moments. As always with this author, her books are clean and very well written.

I always get sucked into her stories and find it hard to put it down. I’m looking forward to her next book!

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  • Betababe
  • 20 01 2018

Adoption As An Option

I just finished listening to the AUDIO version of the book, delightfully and capably narrated by Tiffany Williams. Some of the lunacy of Aaron's upbringing borders on slapstick as it highlights the cluelessly arrogant approach to "inclusion" practiced on occasion by even the most loving of liberals. <--belly laugh material in the midst of the serious subject matter which forms the core and background of this romance.

~~~Original Review~~~
This is a good, strong, solid novel describing a young woman's decisions involving the life-altering discovery of finding herself a pregnant teen and coping with the aftermath. Not a one-size-fits-all panacea solution but a hard look at the realities facing women these days; part of Sienna's story was first told in another hard-punching novel discussing infertility, the flip side of the coin so-to-speak. I am not saying you will have missed nothing if you start with "Tomorrow's Lullaby" but the book does stand completely on its own. I merely recommend you might want to read its prequel, "Chasing Someday." Ms. Armstrong also writes delightful comedic romances and her light touch with action and dialogue is apparent even as she tackles more serious themes.

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  • LilMissMolly
  • 02 01 2018

Romance for Birth Mothers after Adoption!

Tomorrow’s Lullaby is an admirable “I wonder what happened to…” follow up to Chasing Someday by Lindzee Armstrong. In Chasing Someday, we met Sienna who was a teenaged piano student of one of the couples facing infertility issues. Sienna became pregnant with her high school sweetheart who dumped her almost immediately after she told him she was pregnant. Sienna selflessly placed her baby boy up for adoption with another couple from Chasing Someday.

Tomorrow’ Lullaby picks up two years later when Sienna is preparing to try out for Julliard again. She meets Aaron in one of her classes and despite having multiple tattoos and hair that is too-long, they become study buddies. Soon Sienna finds out he goes to her church and he is a thoughtful and kind person. She also finds out that he was adopted and resents both his adoptive family and his biological mother because he feels like he never fit it with his family and feels that the woman who gave him away was selfish. Most of the book centers on Sienna’s struggle to tell Aaron about her own son and when she eventually does, Aaron feels betrayed. To make matters worse, Sienna’s “baby daddy” all of sudden wants to get back together and have a relationship with their son.

As she did with Chasing Someday, Tiffany Williams did a fantastic job narrating this audiobook. She provided differing voices for all of the female and male leads, as well as appropriate voices for the few children in the book. Tiffany's style is very natural with smooth overtones and subtle character nuances. I enjoyed listening to Tomorrow’s Lullaby and look forward to listening to other collaborations between Tiffany Williams and Lindzee Armstrong!

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  • Terri C.
  • 16 12 2017

A romance story with adoption background.

This book along with it's prequel, Chasing Someday, have so much more going on than the average book written by Lindzee Armstrong. The prequel dealt with infertility, a subject that is very personal for Ms. Armstrong. The emotions were very raw and painful. Tomorrow's Lullaby is a continuation of Sienna, a young woman we met in the first book.
After placing her child in an adoptive home with an open adoption, she continues on with life, college and her quest to be accepted again to Julliard. A man she's very attracted to, Aaron, complicates things for her. He is adopted and has a lot of anger because of it. She hesitates to tell him of her past. When the truth comes out, will she be able to get him to understand and accept her situation, or will it be the end of them?
This audio book was very good. The narration by Tiffany Williams was wonderful! It didn't pack quite the emotional wallop that Chasing Someday did, but that would be very hard to match!

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  • mara
  • 11 12 2017

Love and adoption

This book shows both sides of adoption--a view from the biological mom and a view from someone who's adopted. Sienna selflessly placed her baby up for adoption when she had him at age 18, and has a completely open adoption with his parents. Aaron is adopted but has always felt like he never fit it with his adoptive family. His adoption was &quot;closed&quot; so he doesn't know anything about his biological parents and feels that women who &quot;give their children away&quot; do it because they're selfish. Will their budding romance be able to withstand such a major difference?
I really liked this story and the characters Sienna and Aaron. We got a lot of background on the two major characters in the story so the reader can understand why they feel the way they do and why they do certain things. I liked how Sienna set up her rules for dating so she wouldn't repeat mistakes she had made before, and how Aaron was willing to go along with them.
I understood why Sienna didn't tell Aaron about the baby she had placed for adoption. His experience being adopted was really different than how her baby's adoption was handled and he was struggling to let it go. She was waiting for a perfect time to tell him and there was never going to be a perfect time.
I liked how she was working towards acceptance to Julliard and that she could put her feelings into composing some of her own music. I was glad it had a happy ending because at one point I was afraid it wouldn't.
This book goes with CHASING SOMEDAY, but can be read as a standalone. This is a clean romance with just kissing.
The narrator, Tiffany Williams is the same narrator for Chasing Someday and she does a wonderful job using different tones for all of the characters.

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  • Stephanie Pittser
  • 07 12 2017

Tomorrow's Lullaby

I loved listening to this story. Sienne and Aaron have an extremely rocky start especially because Sienna is a birth mother and Aaron didn't have the best childhood growing up with his adoptive parents. The struggle of when/if to tell him and also the normal struggles in life make for a wonderful story. I loved listening to Tiffany narrate this wonderful story. I loved how her voice made it so much easier to fall in love with this story. Listening to Tiffany read made it so easy to let the world fall away and get lost into this beautiful world.

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  • Gina Johnson
  • 05 12 2017


When I first started listening to this I thought, how could Sienna give up her baby and how could her parents give up their grandchild. As the story progresses you see she had not made the decision lightly. She chose an open adoption and the adopted parents treat Sienna as part of the family. Two years later she starts falling in love with Aaron a man who has insecurities with being adopted. Along comes her ex boyfriend who now wants to be included. Sienna will have to trust that the Lord will make everthing work out. I received a complimentary audio and I am voluntarily reviewing