The Ring of Thoth and Other Tales  Audiolibri

The Ring of Thoth and Other Tales

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From the Artic to Egypt to Australia, Doyle tells thrilling tales of crime, suspense, mysterious secrets, and humor. Included are:

  • The Captain of the Polestar: a captain in search of his wife's ghost
  • J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement: a mutinous crime tied to Africa
  • The Great Kleinplatz Experiment: memorization leads to humorous results
  • The Man from Archangel: a misanthrope saves a Russian girl from a shipwreck but is plagued by the captain
  • That Little Square Box: passengers with a mysterious box cause a stir on a ocean liner
  • John Huxford's Hiatus: amnesia comes between two ill-fated lovers
  • A Literary Mosaic: The spirits of great English writers come to the aid of a troubled writer
  • John Barrington Cowles: a fiendish woman taunts her suitors using amazing psychic powers
  • Elias B. Hopkins: a highway thief tricks residents in an Australian mining camp
  • The Ring of Thoth: the powerful ring has the key to join an Egyptian priest with his wife in the afterlife

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