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The Last Male Virgin

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The man was more than Leslie could handle! She'd expected a lot of publicity for Dr. Peter Havistock - the hunk had survived a plane crash when he was a kid, spent nearly 14 years living with a stone-age tribe in the jungles of Papua, New Guinea, and returned to civilization to write a best-selling book about it. But his tour of colleges was getting wild. The Yalies almost rioted, and the photos from Brown were nearly X-rated.

Frankly, Leslie had never seen a doctor of anthropology act the way he did. And while his warrior's ceremonial G-string was authentic, she didn't see the need for him to go flaunting his perfect body on television shows across the nation. Then he announced on Harry King Live that he was a virgin! And that he was looking for a wife! And that he'd like to marry HER! Something had to give....

©2002 Maggie Davis (P)2010 Maggie Davis

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