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The Game

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On a dreary summer day in 1943, a prominent Vicksburg citizen is being laid to rest, but not before making it known to the mourners that it was he who caused Mississippi to have its first interracial baseball game. Years earlier, his secret vote had forced both sides to the table where, after a cankerous meeting, they finally approved a set of rules governing the Game. And to one side's distress, caused it to be played on the damnedest of Yankee holidays. However, they failed to address one important item. Who was this man? What was his motive and what did they forget?

Calling the Game are two announcers who offer differing opinions: one favoring the Whites, the other believing the Blacks could well triumph. During the broadcast, tensions mount, positions harden, and accusations fly. Striking first, one side surges ahead. However, their opponents refuse to concede, creating a thrilling end to The Game.

©2010 Franklin Kless (P)2010 Tate

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