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The Caretaker's Story

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Here is a terror tale worthy of Lovecraft or Poe, written by a remarkable woman author in 1934!

A rich English gentleman thinks he has found the perfect caretaker for an isolated cottage near the sea: a veteran sailor with a taste for solitude. But when he returns to the cottage months later, the gentleman can find no trace of the caretaker. Then he is savagely attacked by a seagull, normally the most pacifistic of creatures. Next, he encounters a gruesome sight: the corpses of seagulls heaped in a pile on the floor of his apparently abandoned dwelling. Finally, protruding from under the gull's bodies he spies... a human bone! Only in the pages of a confession left behind by the caretaker will he learn the ghastly secret behind all these events.

This is the first-ever audio dramatization of this classic horror tale, with a short introduction about the author Edith Olivier ("The Love Child", "The Night Nurse's Story", "Dead Men's Bones"). Produced in the style of a radio-play with evocative music, exciting special effects and an emotionally stunning climax, it's not to be missed! Adapted for audio and performed by Bill Mills.

(P)2007 Renaissance eBooks Inc.

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