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Sintesi dell'editore

Soaked - nay, marinated - in the world of vintage Hollywood, Tell-All is a Sunset Boulevard–inflected homage to Old Hollywood and a hilarious assault on celebrity.

Hazie Coogan has for decades tended to the outsized needs of Katherine “Miss Kathie” Kenton, a larger-than-life star who has survived multiple marriages, career comebacks, cosmetic surgeries, and emotional dramas. But danger lurks with the arrival of a gentleman caller named Webster Carlton Westward III, who worms his way into Miss Kathie’s heart and boudoir.

Hazie discovers that this bounder has already written his celebrity tell-all memoir, which foretells Miss Kathie’s death in a forthcoming Lillian Hellman–penned musical extravaganza. As the body count mounts, Hazie must execute a plan to save Katherine Kenton for her fans—and for posterity.

©2010 Chuck Palahniuk (P)2010 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

“Few contemporary writers mix the outrageous and the hilarious with greater zest….Chuck Palahniuk’s splenetic, anarchic glee makes him a worthy heir to Ken Kesey.” (Newsday)

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  • Aaron Elliott
  • 05 07 2010

Great Book

I secretly worship Mr. Palahnuik. Having him write this book whose character is "loosely" based on Liz Taylor was a hoot. The reader NAILS Thelma Ritter in "Rear Window" for the duration of the book. The only little gripe I had was when she did her "queen" accent. She began with "flaming queen" then segued to "snippy queen" and then ended with "seconal induced queen". She lost her consistency but I forgave her. She also mispronounced a few directors' names. This book is a tragically funny romp through Old Hollywood. It knows it's vacuous and revels in that fact.

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  • Marci
  • 21 05 2013

Don't judge Chuck by this book

I will continue to read (listen to) anything that Chuck writea because he gained my love and devotion with Fight Club, Choke, Haunted, Survivor, Diary, the list goes on. But Tell-All was lazy, predictable, not imaginative, and boring. It has some clever moments through-out, but they are quickly drowned out by the eye-rolling moments and the sheer boredom.

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  • Matthew S. Hill
  • 10 01 2017

The Jokes on you! Andy Kaufman is laughing hysterically!

This is the story of a maid with serious delusions of grandeur. She believes that she is responsible for her employers (an aged starlets) success. She name drops constantly and shows more then anything how she can not mind her own business. She is the narrator of pure gossip about people whose time has past and no one truly cares about. And no one cares about them for a very good reason... they are excruciatingly boring and full of shit.
I could not relate with any of the characters or there situations or feelings. Therefore I felt no empathy for any of them. So I pretty much hung in hoping they'd all just die.

I like and sometimes love the writing of Chuck Palahniuk. This is not one of those times.
This is not in anyway the fault of Hillary Huber. No matter how you read an uninteresting story, it's still going to be uninteresting.

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  • Michael
  • 04 08 2011

A tough listen

Sorry Chuck, I love you man, but this story lacked so much in plot that it hurt my soul. I figured everything out within an hour into it. This is brilliantly constructed in the sense that he really styled this perfectly with the time period and the psychosis of the narrator. But the plot just fell flat and I became lost in a sea of names of old Hollywood big-wigs.

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  • Robert Moorhouse
  • 23 07 2011

First Chuck book I couldn't get through

The narrator is just too much for me. The story was also poor too. I shall be forced to try this novel in print. Audible and the narrator failed us all with this one.

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  • winter
  • 28 09 2010

a terrible Palahnuik

I would consider myself a die hard Palahniuk fan and i found this book to be almost unreadable. the only thing worse than the story was the scratchy irritating voice of the narrator. Think Fran Drescher from The Nanny.

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  • Maynard
  • 06 11 2013

the book's murderer is the narrator

i can't say much about this book 'cuz i couldn't take much. I've tried multiple and various attempts at a listen... it never gets better.

i didn't get far enough to judge the story, but what i heard seamed vapid.

however, the book's murderer is the narrator. it's grueling. torture. unendurable.

I've read all the others & i am a Palahniuk fan. the thought that i will never know this story is saddening, but sometimes the truth hurts. & truth is i would rather hear the dentist's drill grind my teeth than this narration.

what a shame

("Survivor" remains my favorite of his novels)


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  • Yates
  • 13 07 2010

I want my money back!!!

Unless a person wants to listen to pointless rude comments, save your money on this one!

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