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Sintesi dell'editore

Freddie “the Cheerleader,” Phyllis “the Class President,” and Renetta “the Fat Girl” ended their friendship back in high school. So it’s a surprise to all of them when they end up connecting at their 30-year high school reunion. They’ve all changed since those harsh yet tender high school years, and each one of them has her own deliciously scandalous secret. But when those secrets threaten to come to light—and possibly tear apart their less than perfect, but generally content lives—they band together in their sisterhood to stand and fight to keep what’s theirs. Funny, sexy, tender, and raunchy, Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It is a J. D. Mason take that is not to be missed.

©2010 J. D. Mason (P)2010 Blackstone Audio, Inc., and Buck 50 Productions, LLC

“[J .D. Mason’s] portrayals of her characters and their innermost thoughts bring the readers right into the emotional center of the story. Those who enjoy Carl Weber and Eric Jerome Dickey will add Mason to their list of favorites.” (Booklist)

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  • Dream
  • 27 06 2012


Just woke up from my nap because I fell asleep on this damn book and I definately was not impressed the whole story was just a little boring. The characters were well developed but I'm sorry Mr. Mason this is the second book I have purchased and this book is not what it is. The Narator did a good job but it could have been better. I don't like giving negative reviews but NO SIR I will not be purchasing any other books that you write. The main theme of the book is, who was the baby mama and not until the very end do the reader's find out by that time you just don't care no more. Only purchase this book if it's on sale for less than $5 trust me.

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  • Tosha
  • 19 05 2010

Good Author. Horrible Narrater

There were more awkward pauses at the wrong times in this book, than a kindergarden play. Repeated words and dropped consonants to boot. Its really sad that this book wont reach many because they cant get past the changes in context of the narrator. The narrator's pitch is fine but she is terribly unrehearsed, practiced or something. Ugh!

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  • Torri
  • 22 03 2010


This was my first from this Author. Talk about the past coming back to haunt you...
Not a bad read, it was worth it.

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  • Amanda Calvin
  • 08 11 2010

Took me a while because the narrator was horrible,

Other than the bad narrating, this is a really good book. You could really relate or almost all the characters and let me tell you the judge had me and my huddy rolling on the floor.

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  • Mishawna Washington
  • 18 07 2012

Terrible Narration

Would you try another book from J. D. Mason and/or Erica B. Peeples?

I would read another book by J.D. Mason for sure. I thought the story was interesting at best. I didn't think the title fit the story but that is something I can deal with. The characters were well developed and I felt it flowed pretty well. I didn't enjoy the narration by Erica B. Peeples at all. She paused when there shouldn't have been a pause. She mispronounced several words in the words which caused confusion in what I was listening to. Her voice was ok but I feel that she needs more practice before making this a full time career. Her vocabulary seems limited. I haven't seen the book in print but every word she mispronounced I knew right away what she was supposed to say. I almost stopped listening to the book because she was just that terrible.

What did you like best about this story?

I liked the characters and I also liked the story line.

What didn’t you like about Erica B. Peeples’s performance?

See my previous comment about the narrator's performance. Like I said before, it was sub-par and could use some polishing. Maybe she should practice reading aloud before recording it. I guess there's no editing done before the final copy is presented to us. If there was, I sure her errors would have been caught.

Could you see Take Your Pleasure Where you Find It being made into a movie or a TV series? Who should the stars be?

No. It wasn't that exciting. It might make it to Lifetime.

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  • Tracy
  • 01 11 2011

Could have been better

This story had potential, but never really got off the ground. Mason revealed who the mother was too early in the story and never really gave Tasha a chance to either exact her revenge or cry in her mother's arms.

The narration was not good at all. The cadence at which she read was off and she mispronounced words, which really just threw me off.

Overall, I have to say I kept waiting for it to get better, but it never did.

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  • dee dee J
  • 02 06 2011

good summer read

This is a summer chick read. a good story about friends and their secrets. I thought the reader did a very good job

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  • Ikonic
  • 05 04 2011

Good and bad

I enjoyed the book and the story but I was hugely disappointed with the reader and the recording. There were a lot of pauses in the reading that did not allow the book to flow and there were a lot and I mean a lot of times when words were not completed. It felt like the tape stopped recording before the reader could finish the word and it happened a lot. That is why I only gave it 3 stars...

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  • C. Mitchell
  • 26 11 2010

Quite Entertaining!

I enjoyed listening to this book. It flowed well and was easy to listen to. I notice that several reviewers did not like the narrator. But I actually found this book because I wanted to see other books narrated by Erica Peeples since I liked the way she read the book Chasers by Miasha. I think that if a reader is too perfect with the reading it fails to show the human side of the characters, so I think it was a plus that she didn't say all of the lines on point (which in my view were very few).

What I liked most about this book is the character development. The author took time to provide ample details about each character which led to a more believable and well written story.

There are several scenes dealing with the character Freddie where I found myself laughing nonstop. One of them had to do with the judge.

This is a great read, one you will find quite interesting.

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  • teemarie
  • 02 02 2018

Horrible story telling!!!!

Let me say first that the narrator was horrible!! She didn’t know how to pronounce words, her tone, and all the reading mistakes!! Goodness it was like getting teeth pulled....I wanted to finish the book since I started it but let me say this book was way longer than necessary on top of the bad narrating....I don’t think I’ll be listening to anymore JD Mason books and definitely won’t be listening to ANY book and I do mean ANY book narrated by Erica B Peeples. My 7 year old grandson reads better than her!!!