• Scarred Mate

  • Werewolves of Manhattan, Book 3
  • Di: A.C. Katt
  • Letto da: Joel Leslie
  • Durata: 6 ore e 16 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 03 11 2017
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: MLR Press
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Sintesi dell'editore

Colin Callahan, scarred as a child in a fire, delivers Chinese to supplement his income until, one day, he delivers to the loup garou who is his mate.

Alpha Marc Thierry was used to the North Woods of Minnesota so his elevation to third on the loup garou council necessitated a move to a Gramacy section of New York City. On Monday nights his housekeeper is off and Marc doesn't like casseroles. He calls for Chinese and gets a musical voice on the line that calls to him. To his delight and surprise the boy on the phone delivers his food and is his destined mate. Unfortunately for Marc, Colin Callahan thinks that the only reason Marc could want him is biological, he has to like his mate. Colin has a scarred face and thinks no one could love him as he is. It's up to Marc to convince him differently.

©2017 A.C. Katt (P)2017 A.C. Katt

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  • 27 11 2017

Werewolves of Manhattan

Love this series and the characters, I would look to see the whole series on audiobook............

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  • Keith b miller
  • 19 11 2017

i lvod this book

i do not want to wait for the 4th book because it is to good this series is like one of the best I have ever been able to read it is so worth it

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  • Blackwindstar
  • 04 11 2017

love love this story

excellent story from this fantastic series. the storyline between Mark and Collins is very sweet Collins has an image problem due to his scar, but Mark shows that the scar is relevant , it's What Lies Beneath is important.

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  • Kindle Customer
  • 13 01 2018

Love it.

Really love this serie. Can't wait for The next book. Can highly recommend that you lisen.

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  • Tams (TTC Books and more)
  • 28 12 2017

Scars are rarely only skin deep

Colin Callahan worshiped his father, a firefighter in New York. But he was accidentally scarred in a fire as a child, his mother never forgave her husband and the family was never the same. Then Colin came out to her as a teenager and his mother rejected him as well. Life hasn't been easy, Colin has done his best to hover in the shadows, keep to himself and his sole focus is on graduating and starting a career. One food delivery turns his life upside down and changes all his plans.

Due to actions and incidents in the previous books, Alpha Marc Thierry has been promoted to third Alpha of the loup garou and must live part of his time in New York. He just might be the worlds oldest virgin as he believes in the customs of his people, that he has one person destined to be his mate and he'll wait for that person. Imagine his surprise when the scarred deliveryman that is jumpier than a jack rabbit turns out to be his destined mate.

While Marc works overtime to convince Colin they belong together someone in Marc's home pack in Minnesota is working overtime to make sure that the two do not mate. Secrets are revealed, lies uncovered and traders unmasked as Marc races against time to learn the truth, and save his mate.

I love how each new book is a continuation from the previous story. I completely disagree that this can be read or listened to as a stand alone story. You won't recognize any of the secondary characters or have any clue what they are referencing at times if you don't read/listen in order. You'll also be missing out on Joel Leslie's utterly amazing vocal talents. Leslie expertly delivers a multitude of accents in this story including French, Scottish and pissed off Alpha Wolf.

My only complaint with this book is the same complaint I've had with the other stories in the series, why do female wolves have to be degraded by constantly being referred to as "bitches"? I do not care if that is technically what they are, it grates on my nerves and pulls me out of the story every, single time. Aside from that, I am really enjoying these stories and I do hope Leslie will be bringing the others to life.