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Sintesi dell'editore

Arthur is King - but treachery runs rampant throughout the beleaguered Isle of the Mighty. Darkest evil descends upon Britain's shore in many guises. Fragile alliances fray and tear, threatening all the noble liege has won with his wisdom and his blood. His most trusted counselor - the warrior, bard, and kingmaker whom legend will name Merlin - is himself to be tested on a mystical journey back through his own extraordinary past. So in a black time of plague and pestilence, it is Arthur who must stand alone against a great and terrible adversary. For only this way can he truly win immortality - and the name to treasure above all others: Pendragon.
©1994 by Stephen R. Lawhead (P)1996 by Blackstone Audiobooks

"Though Lawhead brilliantly creates an authentic and vivid Arthurian Britain, he never forsakes the sense of wonder that has graced the legend throughout the ages." (Publishers Weekly)

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  • Alan Rither
  • 27 10 2003

An excellent program but a little slow in places

Well written by Stephen Lawhead and well read by Fredrick Davidson who has a dry and lofty tone of voice, but he makes the effort to pronounce words that are difficult for English speakers. The book seems somewhat disjointed as it skips from episode to episode in Arthur's life from boyhood to defeat of the Vandals. Merlin comes through sounding more like Gandalf in some places as he descends into the Earth on a voyage out of time.

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  • Mochajavaman
  • 05 09 2003

Filling in the Blanks

A pleasant revisitation with our heros, with a new enemy to conquer. "Pendragon" details futher some of the events mentioned as having happened in the first three books. A very worthwhile 'listen', good fun!

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  • 1Genesis
  • 17 01 2003

Adventure Plus

Well written and narrated, I throughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

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  • Angela
  • 27 03 2017

Pendragon Series

it's a Great story and a Great series. I Love it. I will read it again.

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  • Tyler McCart
  • 27 06 2015


This is a great story and a great performance. I would highly recommend reading the entire series.

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  • James
  • 03 11 2014

Lost tales of battles and pestilence

Pendragon is told from Merlin' s point of view, and contains lost tales of battles against the Vandali and the pestilence of the black plague. It begins with Arthur's boyhood and fostering with Ectorius, his friendship with Cai and Bedwyr. Then the struggles he battled against, on his journey to become high king. It then tells of his great battle against the Vandali where Arthur is grievously wounded. Well told by Stephen Lawhead and good narration by Frederick Davidson who has narrated all the books in the Pendragon Cycle.

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  • Bonnie
  • 14 06 2012

Again, this is book 4 in my favorite Arthur legend

have many books about the "King Arthur" legend. This five book series which starts with "Taliesin" and narrated by Nadia May is a wonderful interpretation. I have read and listened to at least 6 times and have always found something I might have missed when I first listened. The next three books are narrated by another of my favorite narrators Fredrick Davidson, and the last book in the series "Grail" is narrated by Robert Whitefield. Each narrator does a brilliant job and if you enjoy the legend of Merlin and Arthur, you will enjoy this series. It is different and you should start with this book, then Merlin, Arthur, Pendragon and finally Grail. I have at least 6 other audio books about the "Arthur Legend" and most are enjoyable, but this to me takes the reader or listener to fantasy and legend that has not been touched upon before. Always try the free listen that Audible gives to see if you will like the narrator, I have only found maybe 3 in the entire ten and a half years I have been a member to annoy my ears, but if the story is truly good I can usually get past.

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  • Rubin
  • 10 06 2003

I Love the narrators ability to capture

I like the story even though it's more British Imperialism defeating the savages and infidels of the world. The narrator once again does the best to bring you into the store with authentic pronunciations and by manipulating both the tone and pace of the reading. The narrator is a master and the story is good as well.

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  • Peter
  • 30 04 2003


This is the first book in the Pendragon Cicle. A story which tells you the mystery of britains early days. A bit longwinded and detouched, but all in all a fantastic tale.

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