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Legacy of the Brave

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Lieutenant Rand Kellam served his country with honor and bravery, undertaking numerous dangerous missions alongside his crew. During one such mission, his B-24 Liberator was shot down over the German countryside. Alive but stranded deep in hostile territory, he expected to find the worst. What he didn't expect to find was Leyna.

Leyna Künzel—her mother sick, her father gone, her brother most likely dead—lived a hard life. In addition to caring for her ailing mother, she had to work to make ends meet, farming the family land and working as a seamstress for the wealthy families in town. While returning home from work one day, she came across a strange—and terrifying—sight. Dangling from a parachute, tangled in the limbs of a roadside tree, was a man in the garb of the Allied forces currently at war with Leyna's home country. Though most of her fellow countrymen would attempt to capture and kill this enemy soldier, Leyna, at great personal risk, follows her heart and her faith and makes a decision that will forever alter her destiny.

In a story set against the backdrop of brutal conflict and human atrocity, follow Leyna and Rand on their path to each other, as they fight the odds to leave behind a Legacy of the Brave.

©2010 Deborah J. Kelly (P)2010 Tate

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