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Zoey Stranford might've had a crush on the sexy boy next door since middle school, but she's a woman now, and that crush has turned into a full-blown case of lust. So why is it that at twenty-nine her libido decides to ramp into high gear, making her only focus the intensely sexy, scorching hot boy next door - who is definitely not a boy anymore? The problem is, Zoey and Kaleb have been best friends for as long as she can remember. Not to mention that Kaleb and his brothers are trying to buy Stranford land to build a new resort, and she's more than a little uncertain about his intentions.

Kaleb Walker has had his eye on Zoey for close to twenty years, but never before has he considered taking their friendship to the next level, no matter how many fantasies he's had about her over the years. Suddenly he is hell-bent on having her - in as many ways as possible. Kaleb finds himself in a precarious situation. His brothers have nominated him to pursue Zoey's father about the land needed to get their new resort off the ground. When he learns Carl Stranford is on the brink of foreclosure and Zoey might lose her house and the land, Kaleb must convince her to put aside her pride and let him help her.

It doesn't take long before the flames start burning bright and hot, and the two of them burn up the nights and the days as they explore each other's forbidden fantasies. But can their friendship survive a business transaction or the new friends-with-benefits clause? Or will they realize that they've been overlooking something much deeper that's been right in front of them all along?

©2013 Nicole Edwards (P)2014 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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  • Ariel
  • 13 01 2015


I'm not sure where to start, as to why this book is so bad. The characters are under developed and leave me not caring what happens to them. The story line is extremely random and the entire book comes off like a really bad porno. I love reading/listening to romance novels and like any other lady out there am always up for a great sex scene but this book just ruins them.

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  • Natasha Zar
  • 27 11 2014

What. The. Phuck.

What would have made Kaleb better?

If he wasn't a total contradiction. On one hand he is this nice guy who Zoe has known since high school, yet he is also a total horn dog sexual deviant. He was in love with Zoe, yet he was totally comfortable sharing her with his best friend and totally comfortable watching her get f*cked six ways to Sunday by another man? Then he goes on to goddamn propose to her? No. Just no.

What could Nicole Edwards have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

This book was equal parts boring and cringe inducing. The fact that the two characters knew each other for so long and NEVER pursued anything until now was ridiculous. There was so much unnecessary background that had no use and wasn't pursued by the author (Zoe's ex-husband, Kaleb's ex fiancee) which just made the book so much more amateur.<br/>And what the f*ck was up with the threesome situation??? Zoe and Kaleb decide to pursue a romance of sorts together and then all of a sudden she is getting double teamed by her long term crush AND his best friend? This made no sense to me Kaleb showed hurt and disdain for his ex-fiancée when she tried to sleep with one of his brothers. I have to say that the threesome scenes made me grit my teeth and shake my head in disgust. <br/>The whole book was an utter waste of time and I am actually angry that rubbish like this even gets published.

What aspect of Freddie Bates and Eliza Grace ’s performance would you have changed?

Freddie Bates was fine, Eliza Grace made her characters sound stupid and she didn't change her inflection enough for you to realise a male character was speaking.

What character would you cut from Kaleb?

Kaleb's parents, his ex, Zoe's ex... there were way too many characters that offered no input.

Any additional comments?

This is the first book of Nicole Edwards' I've read and I am NOT impressed. This book was rubbish and I am going to ask for my credit back. <br/>

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  • mandymay
  • 18 02 2017

Uber Hot 🌡

This sexy M/F/M menage was off the charts!
The narration was perfect as well..

Zoey grew up with Kayleb and his best friend.
when things start to heat up between Zoey and Kaleb she starts fantasizing about a menage with these two men.
Having been in this situation before Kaleb has no issue giving her this fantasy.

This book got some unfavorable review's because some felt that this behavior was degrating to Zoey.
If all three adults agree to the situation and the female is not forced to participate,
how is is degrating?
Anytime you pick a book with S/L and descriptive unusual sexual circumstances
you have to be opened minded.
The whole point of listening to these types of book's is to let our minds wonder to places that we will probably never go.

That being said, I will go on to buy the other book's in this series with even more M/F/M and M/M/F action.
I think there credit Worthy.
For other like minded listeners .. try this series.
Nicole Edwards never disappoints when it comes to creative relationship situations.

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  • Malinda
  • 18 10 2014

Very good start to the series :)

4 stars

This was a very good story. I liked both Zoey and Kaleb and their story was very interesting and I enjoyed it. I’m not sure why people term this as BDSM though because there’s anal, ménage and a bit of spanking but outside of that there’s nothing overly kinky and it's not what I'd term as BDSM. This is the first story I've read by this author and based on this I'm likely to read more of her work in the future.

Zoey is a nice young woman who takes care of her aging father. She had been married but her husband wasn't the best man (he cheated on her) and when they split she wasn't all that anxious to try again. Zoey’s mother died and her dad is getting on the senile side so she lives in the guest house to look after him. She also has a cleaning business with her BFF that’s going well and gaining business.

Kaleb is one of seven brothers that are very close. Kaleb and his brothers all still live on the family property (in their own places) and work together in a demolition business. They've recently decided to expand into construction and have decided to open a resort as their first endeavor. Kaleb and his brothers are known for being man-whores and being rather outrageous in their sexual behaviors, even to the point of sharing their women (although usually just short term).

Zoey and Kaleb have been best friends for years, ever since they were kids. They spend a lot of time together and regularly go out but only as friends. Kaleb and Zoey have both been attracted to each other since they were young but they've both pulled back from anything more wanting to keep their friendship intact. When the story begins, Kaleb is trying to get Zoey's dad to sell 100 acres of his land to Kaleb and his brothers to use for the resort. Zoey's dad is reluctant though and Kaleb is having problems convincing him to proceed with things and it’s been 6 months. Kaleb has discussed the property sale with Zoey before but hasn't asked her to intervene, not wanting to make her uncomfortable or make her feel like he’s trying to use her to get to her dad. It’s about this time that Kaleb’s attraction for Zoey seems to spike out of the tight control he’s always kept on it and now he’s having problems not pursuing her. Zoey has always been attracted to Kaleb and when Kaleb seems more interested than normal then she starts to wonder if maybe something can happen between them. After a bit of a stumbling start, Kaleb and Zoey decide to try starting something together. Kaleb actually is interested in something serious with Zoey but she (I think believing that Kaleb couldn't want anything more) thinks they’re just doing a “friends with benefits” relationship.

Zoey and Kaleb explore their new relationship but mostly keep things light as they start. Kaleb is still talking to Zoey’s dad about the land but she stays out of it for the most part. Things get more difficult though as the depth of the financial difficulties that Zoey's dad is in becomes apparent and a misunderstanding almost causes a split between them. They manage to recover from that and things go deeper for them, both of them developing more feelings for each other (although Zoey continues to be in denial). At first, Kaleb tries to hold back with Zoey, thinking she’s too sweet to indulge in his more dirty sexual proclivities. Zoey isn't ready to be so sedate though and pushes him to go further with her and he’s surprised when he loses control and she enjoys what happens. After that Zoey and Kaleb’s sexual exploits go further and get more adventuresome and both are happy with how things unfold. Things go better for them and they cruise that way for a while. Unfortunately, things get a bit rough again when multiple instances of drama come up to cause issues for them. They get past things well though and I liked the way things worked out in the end, both with the business deal and the relationship, as Zoey and Kaleb start their HEA.

This was a very enjoyable story. I liked both Kaleb and Zoey very much and was rooting for them realize just how perfect they are for each other. Overall, this was a very enjoyable and sexy story and I'm looking forward to reading the books for the rest of the brothers. I’d recommend this book. :D

* note - I listened to the audio version of this book and the narrators did a very good job. There were 2 narrators, a female for the parts in Zoey's PoV and a male for the parts in Kaleb's PoV. I did feel it was slightly slow though and played it back at the 1.25% speed.

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  • Kerry Sikora
  • 21 09 2014

Reading Nicole Edwards is great, listening is fab

What made the experience of listening to Kaleb the most enjoyable?

I had read the story, but listening brings a whole new level

What does Freddie Bates and Eliza Grace bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

The level of intimacy the characters have together

Any additional comments?

Listening to this book was alluring, I only hope Nicole brings all the AI to audio, and seriously Club Destiny too

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  • Rusty
  • 22 07 2014

Sexy Texas Drama

I was pleasantly surprised with Kaleb, my first Nicole Edwards book. More than just romance and/or erotica, Kaleb introduced the seven Walker brothers and assorted friends living in small Texas town. While containing lots of kinky sex and graphic language, there was an actual plot and the characters were engaging & humorous. For me, the only drawback was one or two scenes with "spanking" which I find personally offensive - physical violence is not my idea of romantic behavior. The narrator was pretty good.

4 su 5 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Tracie Lampe
  • 13 07 2014

Amazing Narrator's

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

Not only was the storyline hot but the narrator's voices really brought it all together.

What did you like best about this story?

That Zoey & Kaleb were best friends for most of their lives first.

What does Freddie Bates and Eliza Grace bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

Their voices were amazing!

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  • S. Taggart
  • 16 02 2015

Sophomoric writing, skip this one

Tried to give this book a fair shake. Five chapters was more than enough. Immature characters, transparent emotions and relationships, sophomoric writing, waste of a credit.

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  • Misty
  • 03 09 2016

Surprise Performance!

A friend of mine recommended this series to me and I just happened to notice they were on audible and decided to try the audio version. What a surprise on many levels! Nicole Edwards is a new to me author and I am so happy I got the recommend because just after book 1, I can tell I'm going to love this series.

It is a perfect mix of hot & sexy, emotional, taboo, sweet, romantic and angsty. I loved every part of it. I really am looking forward to hearing the stories behind the other Walker brothers. It's going to be difficult for me to pick a favorite.

Freddie Bates & Eliza Grace were able to perform the characters with an easy & and believable quality. They have great tone and inflections and were able to deliver a really fantastic performance.

  • Totali
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  • jorgina
  • 27 08 2015

AWSOME sexy and keeps you wanting more..

loved this book keep me wanting more. great plot and Sexy alluring seans. could not get enough.

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  • vicki
  • 25 06 2015


Would you consider the audio edition of Kaleb to be better than the print version?

not read the print

What was one of the most memorable moments of Kaleb?

when Kaleb & Zoe decided they actually do love eachother

Which scene did you most enjoy?

Zoe stamping all over Kalebs ex

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

yes but i couldn't

Any additional comments?

great start to the series

  • Totali
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  • Kat P
  • 06 02 2015

Nicole Edwards Rocks!!!!

OMG, I wish I had started with this Walker Brothers book first. It was fantastic and helped put Holidays with the Walker Brothers in the correct place.

Kaleb Walkers has had a crush on Zoey Stranford for over twenty years but he didn't want to lose his best friend. So he kept his feelings to himself, that was until he overheard Zoey talking to V about kissing him. So he thinks about pursuing her but he has another problem. Him and his brothers are trying to buy some land of Zoey's dad. He doesn't want Zoey to think he is only going after her for the land. When in fact, he would have Zoey over the land any day.

Does Kaleb get Zoey? Do the Walkers brothers get the land? Read the book to see!!

I would recommend this but and I am off to get the next one now.