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From Letters to Grace

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"Dance with me, soldier, until my fella gets here," she yelled over the music. From that moment, Ben is permanently captivated by her. Unfortunately, Grace is Charlie's girl, and Charlie is Ben's best friend. As Ben and Charlie struggle to survive World War II, their friendship becomes strained when Ben learns a secret about Charlie and Grace's relationship.

Night after night, Ben achingly listens to Grace's love letters, read aloud by Charlie, and wishes the words were meant for him - until one day war ravages the boys' friendship, taking Charlie's life and leaving a dying request on his lips that Ben must do his best to fulfill.

In From Letters to Grace, Ben battles more than flesh and blood as he aches to find love as well as bring others to Christ. He embarks upon a poignant journey, discovering the meaning of truth, courage, and honor along the way, and changing his life and the opinions of those around him forever as he relies on his flawed faith and trust in God to be his flawless guide.

©2009 Terri Crews (P)2009 Tate

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