• First Contact

  • Haunts for Sale Series, Book 1
  • Di: Kat Green
  • Letto da: Kate Tyler
  • Durata: 5 ore e 24 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 09 11 2017
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: The Wild Rose Press
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Sintesi dell'editore

Sloane Osborne is a paranormal real estate agent in the business of selling haunted houses, but, in truth, she’s only searching for one ghost. And her time is running out.

It’s the 366th day after her fiancé’s death. Michael used to like putting things off for “a year and a day” - so tonight’s the night. Sloane will do anything to make contact with him before the clock strikes midnight. When she gets a call to check out a home in Waukesha, Wisconsin, it’s the last place she thinks Michael would contact her.

Sloane is dead wrong.

©2016 Kat Green (P)2017 Kat Green

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  • Sara
  • 14 02 2018

Good book!

I’ll be honest, I went back and forth for quite a while on whether I wanted to listen to First Contact or not. I was pleasantly surprised when I bit the bullet and signed up! The storyline was interesting… losing your love, your almost husband, and searching for his ghost. Somehow I was even able to grasp the paranormal real estate agent. I think what really made this work for me was that I didn’t take it 100% seriously. It was a bit wonky and something’s seemed off. However, the bad guy… good job Kat Green! I loved how the bad guy came about. I would have LOVED a bit more background on his story and how he came to be who he is.

I really liked Jonah and the relationship that building into there. There was so much good and fun in this story that it far outweighed the areas that made me roll my eyes. I did roll my eyes a bit. I mean, I’m not an FBI agent like Jonah is and I say that fake call a mile away!! I was pleasantly surprised in the horror area of this book though. I didn’t expect so much graphic description but you could see the scenes unfold before you!

Kate Tyler was a great narrator. This was the first book that I’ve listened to with her narration and I really enjoyed it. She speaks clear and concise, yet she shows great emotion in each world. I could feel the suspense she portrayed; I could feel the nerves, the fear. Great job!! I’ll definitely look for the next book once released!

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  • Kandice C.
  • 31 12 2017

Very good book

This book was very good,and very entertaining. I am tempted to listen again as it was very good.

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  • kevin
  • 20 12 2017

Waiting For Second Sight!

What did you like about this audiobook?

I really enjoyed how the narrator brought the story to life.

How has the book increased your interest in the subject matter?

I enjoyed the relationships between the characters and the story it created.

Does the author present information in a way that is interesting and insightful, and if so, how does he achieve this?

I enjoyed her voice renditions of each characters.

What did you find wrong about the narrator's performance?

I would totally take Jonah. Total man crush! He is interesting, smart, and leads an exciting life.

Do you have any additional comments?

This book has a lot to offer its listeners. Paranormal, mystery, love, and intrigue and a story line that will keep you guessing. Definitely worth a listen!

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  • Drew
  • 07 12 2017

I enjoyed it

Would you consider the audio edition of First Contact to be better than the print version?

I didn't read the print version.

What did you like best about this story?

The ghosts.

Have you listened to any of Kate Tyler’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

Ms. Tyler is a good narrator. I like how she brings the story to life.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

Several twists and turns.

Any additional comments?

Thank you.

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  • Kari at From the TBR Pile
  • 17 02 2018

Great horror story

Would you consider the audio edition of First Contact to be better than the print version?

First Contact is the first book in a series abut a realtor who tries to prove that houses are haunted for certain buyers. She uses this cover to explore and try to make contact with her dead fiance. On the final day, she ends up in a house that has more than just the ghost she is looking for.The premise of this series sounded unique and I was happy I gave the audio book a try. While the mystery aspect of the book wasn't too hard to figure out, I though the horror elements more than made up for figuring out the whodunit early on. The book is genuinely creepy and confirmed my reluctance to go into dark basements. The main character, Sloane was interesting and I wanted to know more about her. She seems like a character that would be able to carry a series. I won't tell any plot points as it would ruin the book. My only complaint was the random sex scene that showed up in the middle of the book. It was weird and seemed out of place. I think the book could have benefited from it being left out. The narrator did a great job of reading the book. Listening to it added to the creep factor. I definitely recommend it for ghost story fans.

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  • Laura Hernandez
  • 16 02 2018

Hauntingly Good

This is one audiobook you do not want to slip away. The story hooks you from beginning to end and you just do not see the twists, turns and revelations that are revealed until they smack you right in the face. This pulse-pounding story is strong and the characters are outstanding. I could actually see someone starting a real estate company that investigates such things as hainted homes. The narration is superb which only adds to the suspense of it all. Do yourself a favor and grab this audiobook as you simply won't regret it!!

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  • Kimberly Smith
  • 16 02 2018

Fresh, unique storyline

This was an interesting story. It want exactly what I expected, but I still enjoyed it. I find the premise of the series intriguing and fresh take on the genre, so I will probably pick up the next book. Kate Tyler did great job with the narration. Each character had a unique voice, making it easy to follow. Overall, a great listen.

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  • Teresa Noel
  • 07 02 2018

Spine tingling

First Contact is the 1st book in the Haunts For Sale series by Kat Green, In the book Sloan Osbourne is a paranormal investigator and a real estate agent who specializes in selling haunted houses. Sloan has never actually seen a ghost but has all of the equipment she needs to be able to tell if a house is haunted or not. Sloan has a client who is looking to purchase a house but wants to know if it is haunted or not, and if it is Safe for people to live there. Sloan is more then ready to investigate this house. It is also the anniversary of the death of her fiance.

Sloan's fiance Michael was killed in a car accident as they were headed to get their marriage license 1 year ago. He always used to use a year and a day as a time reference for things, like when giving something time like a new job give it a year and a day, if you don't like it quit, and so on.

Sloan feels like if she does not make contact with Michael on the year and a day anniversary she will never be able to, and what better place to try then a haunted house. That is all I am going to tell you about the story, I don't want to ruin it.

I was very impressed with this book. It grabbed a hold to me right away, and left me sad knowing I have to wait for the next book. This truly was a great book. I loved how it stayed interesting and to the point with out boring me with unneeded details. For the most part if there was a detail about something you needed it either to keep track of the point being made or you would need it in another later part of the book.

The characters in the book were awesome and life like. They had feelings and emotions that jumped off the page and made you feel sad or happy or whatever for them.

The story kept moving, it did not stall out. It was almost a roller caster at times. I personally really like that. I do not enjoy books that get stagnant. This book never did.

The audiobook is narrated by Kate Taylor. She really made this book come to life. I actually read the book a couple of years ago, but I have to say the audiobook makes this book even more creepy. I loved the ghost voices. Kate had my spine tingling.

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