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He foolishly let her go....

When the woman he loved walked out of his life, Brooks Alexander was certain she did so willingly - with the cool two million his father had offered as incentive to walk away. So when the former Marine Scout Sniper learns that Darcy didn’t take a dime of his father’s payoff, Brooks realizes he made an epic mistake. He’s determined to make things right and reclaim his woman. Except neither task is as easily accomplished as he first thought.

Now, her life is in his hands....

Wedding planner Darcy is no stranger to disappointment when it comes to the men in her life. When Brooks accused her of taking his father’s bribe, she was devastated that he thought so little of her - and realized he never knew her at all. So she walked away with her pride intact and her heart broken. Now, months later, an overheard conversation puts Darcy in the crosshairs of a dangerous criminal with powerful connections. With nowhere else to turn, she has no choice but to put all her trust in Redemption Harbor Consulting - and its cofounder, the man who broke her heart.

©2018 Katie Reus (P)2018 Katie Reus

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  • dsjones
  • 22 02 2018

Dangerous Witness

Dangerous Witness by Katie Reus
Dangerous Witness is the 3rd book in the Redemption Harbor series. This book can be read as a stand alone book, but would be enjoyed most with the history of the other two books. This series is about a group of friends and each book focuses on one member of the group. They start the Redemption Harbor Consulting. They did this to help people who are in trouble but cannot afford help or to go to the authorities.
This book brings us the story of Brooks Alexander and Darcy Cooper. Brooks is the man who broke Darcy's heart when he broke up with her when he thought she was able to be bribed with 2 million to stay away from him by his father. Fate throws them together again when Darcy who is a wedding planner overhears something she should not have while prepping her sister's wedding. That throws Brooks and Darcy together again to protect her. Of course they work their way back together after numerous problems. I am not going to give anything else away, I did enjoy this story very much. Once again, Sophie Eastlake narrates for Katie and does an awesome job.

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  • Tammy Payne
  • 22 02 2018

We get Brooks' Story !!

Book three in this fantastic new series by this author. We finally are getting brooding Brooks story. Brooks let the woman he loved walk out of his life thinking his father offered her something he couldn't but well... Darcy was devastated at what Brooks assumed she did but she put all her energy into her business. Now someone is trying to cause her harm but why? Brooks wants Darcy back and after what his father told him he is more determined but first he has to keep her safe. Action, Love, and Suspense what more could you want from a book? I enjoyed and hope you do too. The narrator did a wonderful job in bringing this story to life. It always feels like your right there with the characters which makes it just a bit more pleasing then the book. Fantastic story

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  • Mindy Lou
  • 20 02 2018

So good!!!

Narrator Review:Sophie Eastlake did an amazing job narrating Dangerous Witness. I never think too much about the actual acting of a narrator. I'm usually hung up on how well they can distinguish the different characters, especially the male voice from a female narrator. Sophie's voice acting stood out in this book for me. Her reactions came off very natural to the things that were happening in the book. I highly recommend the audible version of this book.

Audible Book provided by Author

Story Review:
Boy did Brooks need to do some groveling! When all you've known is women who only want you and your father for your money, it explains why Brooks messed up with Darcy when he believed she took money from his father to leave him. I love that she didn't defend herself and told him to take a hike. As much as I love a strong Alpha Hero, I enjoy the strong heroines just as much.

Second chance can be iffy for me because of what causes a break up in the first place. Thankfully what Brooks did was forgivable. With his and his fathers past of dealing with gold diggers. It's easy to see why Brookes reacted first. I'm not sure why his father didn't clear up that she never took the money, but I'm glad Brookes stayed celibate during their 7 month separation.

Darcy was the perfect blind of an independent women with self respect but also a soft side. I like that while Brooks stepped in to help protect her, she didn't go against his safety advice just for spite. She also didn't let him get away with anything either.

I like that the author tied the plot to what happened in book 1 while keeping it fresh. The action was exciting and had me on the edge a few times. I love all the players in this series and look forward to each character getting their own book. Katie Reus writes her characters maturely without all that unnecessary drama. I can't get enough of her books!

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  • carvanz
  • 20 02 2018

Loved this narration!

Audible: Narrator – Sophie Eastlake
Ms. Eastlake did an incredible job of narrating this installment of Redemption Harbor. She does an excellent job of both the male and female leads and her rhythm and fluctuation was spot on. I really enjoyed listening to her perform this book!

When Brooks’ father admitted to offering Darcy two million dollars to walk away, Brooks assumed the worse and destroyed everything he had built with her. Now that he knows the truth he longs to make things right but he’s hesitant to hear the word no. However, Darcy overhears a conversation that puts her life as well as others on the line and she is in need of help. The police can’t be trusted so she turns to Savage, Brooks’ coworker at Redemption Harbor Consulting. That’s all it takes for Brooks to push his way back into her life and hopefully this time for good.

Darcy is sweet and caring and despite being scared out of her wits concerning what she overheard, she stays strong and perseveres until the bad guy can be taken down. Brooks is a take charge alpha that suddenly finds himself a little off balance as he insists on protecting Darcy even as he apologizes for his past actions.

The action in this book was worthy of nail biting. So much suspense as Brooks and his team race against time to help bring down a web of villains, each caught in the others trap. Along the way he’s trying to protect Darcy and I was turning the pages as quickly as I could.

While this certainly hits the thriller mark, the romance felt as though it were running in the background. There were a lot of scenes where this couple were not together or where other characters were the main focus. However, when they were the focal point the words flew and the story soared. And the steam factor between these two is enough to singe your Kindle. Let me also add that any hero who would do what Brooks does in order to insure Darcy’s protection will always rate high on my protective alpha hero chart.

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  • Yvonne T. Cruz
  • 17 02 2018

another engaging story by Ms Reus

I had read this book but decided to try the audiobook. It's amazing how a great narrator sucks you into the story . That is the case in this instance.
I have come to love anything Ms Reus writes, and this series is no exception. Each book in this series is a stand alone, though you would benefit in listening to the previous ones, not only because they are great , but also because the characters show up in the rest of the stories. The main characters of the stories have been friends forever and have united to form Redemption Harbor Consulting. Paraphrasing the author, a company that helps those that can’t afford it and in some cases, can’t ask the police for help.
Dangerous Witness’ main characters are Brooks Alexander a millionaire , former Marine sniper and co-founder of Redemption Harbor Consulting and Darcy, wedding planner and former girlfriend of Brooks. They parted ways after he made incorrect assumptions about her and in doing so, ended up breaking Darcy’s heart.
When she hears a conversation with information that could destroy lives, she goes to Brooks for help.
Though I found the story to be more about the suspense, action, and bad guys, than the romance, it was still a great one and one that will make you realize that life is not all black and white. Especially when those that you love are in danger.
Another well written , and engaging story by this talented author. Looking forward to not only the next book in this series, but anything else she writes.
Kudos to the narrator for doing such an exception job.
I was gifted this audiobook. The opinions expressed are solely my own.