Law of the Desert

Letto da: Stefan Rudnicki
Durata: 5 ore e 22 min
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Sintesi dell'editore

No one tells tales of the frontier better than Louis L'Amour, who portrays the human side of westward expansion - the good and the bad - before the days of law and order. Collected here are seven stories penned by America's favorite Western author.

"The Black Rock Coffin Maker"

Two men in the isolated town of Tucker want the XY ranch: Jim Walker and the ruthless Wing Cary - and one of them wants it badly enough to kill for it. It is a tale of suspense and danger, with chases, posses, shootouts, and double-crosses - all for possession of the XY ranch.

"Grub Line Rider"

KimSartain is an easygoing, peace-loving drifter. But when cattleman Jim Targ challenges Sartain's right to ride across an unclaimed stretch of meadow, Sartain retaliates by deciding to homestead there. Soon, more is at risk than land and pride, when Targ decides to teach Sartain a permanent - and deadly - lesson.

"Desert Death Song"

Nat Bodine had a choice: to die by hanging or take his chances in the desert. But when a good woman believes in a man, he finds the will to survive.

"One Last Gun Notch"

Morgan Clyde was driven off his small ranch by a hired gunman. He worked odd jobs but soon found himself being hired to use his gun. Now, he's working for a land hog in Red Basin who wants him to drive off a young homesteader and his wife. The scenario is too familiar, and Clyde finds that he must make a decision.

"Ride, You Tonto Raiders"

Matt Sabre is a young gunfighter who shoots a man who forced him to draw. To his surprise, the man on his deathbed gives him $5,000 and begs him to take the money to his wife, who is alone defending the family ranch. Guilt, regret, and wanting to do the right thing lead Matt Sabre to make that ride.

"War Party"

A boy on the brink of manhood, a resourceful frontier woman who has beauty as well as fortitude, and a strong male character come together in this powerful, romantic, and strangely compelling vision of the American West.

"Law of the Desert"

Shad Marone is a lone gunman on the run from the law. He shot a man in a fair fight; but the sheriff is his bitter enemy, and Shad knows he'll never get a fair trial. He is being tracked by a man named Lopez, and after three days in the desert it looks like they'll both die of thirst - unless, of course, some miracle happens.

©2014 Louis L'Amour (P)2014 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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  • Jean
  • 30/07/2015

Fun Read

This is a collection of seven short stories that Louis L’Amour published in Western Magazines in the 1930s and 40s. The first story is “The Black Rock Coffin Marker” about a fight to acquire the XY ranch. The second story is called “Grub Line Rider”: Kim Sartain is a drifter and a cattleman Jim Targ forbids Kim to ride across an unclaimed stretch of meadow land. Kim gets mad and decides to homestead the stretch of land. “Desert Death Song” is the third story. It is a sort of love story. The forth is called “One Last Gun Notch” this one is a gunfighter vs. land hog. The fifth story “Ride, You Tonto Raiders” is about Matt Sabre who kills a man in a fair gun fight and the dying man asks him to take five thousand dollars to his wife and family on his family ranch. The sixth story is called “War Party” about a boy, a frontier woman and a strong male character in a story of life on the frontier. The last story is “Law of the Desert Born” about Shad Morone a gunman. This is one is from the book by the same name.

The audiobook was published in Sept 2014. The stories are well written and fast paced with good character development in spite of them being short stories. This audiobook makes an easy, fast, enjoyable read. Stefan Rudnicki narrates the book.

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  • Rebecca Louthan
  • 02/05/2020

Many short stories some on other books good tales

All adventurous stories in desert areas with riders finding their ways through areas both north and south of the border. Gives excellent charcterizations in voices and plays out well in audio adaptation.