• Into the Light

  • A Lightkeeper Novel, Volume 1
  • Di: Amy Manemann
  • Letto da: Vanessa Renae
  • Durata: 6 ore e 35 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 08 11 2017
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Amy Manemann
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Sintesi dell'editore

“When you come into your powers, you will attract the attention of every dark force in the world. They’ll flock to Salem in droves for the chance to harvest your powers.” 

Welcome to my world…the world of witches, guardians, and Lightkeepers, and a dark evil that threatens to end the world as we know it. 

In most ways, I – Willa Devries - am your normal teenager, living with my aunt in Salem, Massachusetts, and eagerly awaiting my big 2-0 birthday. I’m also a witch from a sacred race called the Lightkeepers, charged to carry out the time-honored duty of holding the light of the world against the darkness—against the Underworlders and their evil. 

But that evil has become more powerful than anyone has ever seen, and suddenly the Lightkeepers are looking to me to hold it off. Me, who is not yet trained in her powers but who apparently possesses a rare level of magic that is about to bring every dark force in the world to my doorstep. How will I keep my aunt safe, much less the entire world? 

The answer, I hope, is Braeden. He’s my Guardian, and damn, if I have to face unspeakable evil, he’s the guy I want by my side. Powerful, mysterious, sexy… He’s spent his life in training, preparing to protect me and help me fulfill my destiny. Only I get the feeling that even with all his skills, nothing could have prepared him for the extent of my new powers. Or for the effect I have on him. 

Desire…I feel it for him too, but the fate of the world lies on my shoulders – no pressure, right? The steamy attraction we share has to take a backseat in order for him to teach me how to harness my magic. If we don’t get ​my crazy powers under control, the Underworld will blanket everyone and everything in a darkness that is as relentless as it is terrifying. 

Failure isn’t an option; the world is depending on us. On me. I’ve got one chance to do this right, and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got. 

Happy Birthday to me. 

©2017 Amy Manemann (P)2017 Amy Manemann

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