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As at Fox, our entire culture, which still permits sexual harassment to stalk women in the workplace, won’t change if employers can ensure that the repercussions for such permissiveness keep getting handed out behind closed doors.

"In Sexual Harassment Cases, What Are We Settling For?" is from the April 10, 2017 Opinion section of The New York Times. It was written by Bryce Covert and narrated by Kristi Burns.

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  • Jodie H
  • 31/12/2017

Settle - how many actually settle for even a penny?

Settle - how many actually settle for even a penny? How many common women are retailited against instead in the common workplace? I might not have had the guts too sue, but at least the harasser who raped me lost his $200,000+ a year job. :-) He is NOT able to hurt another woman at that company. Even though it that company almost 3.5 months to determine the real truth, yes even with 12 witnesses! Long enough for me to not get the right to sue after their retaliation and me losing my job over frivolous crap...go figure! That Company's HR knew what they were doing! Even though I was retalited against and lost my job at least I was able to somewhat help stop "some" of the poisonous culture at that company. Only it's too bad I like many others are forced to sign so many of those so-called "illegal" non disclosure paperwork. Now I am supposed to keep my mouth shut for what he might do at his next job possibly. I pray every day he learned his lesson?!?!@ HA, probably not! Think of the "rest of us that lose" as the author states in the final point? Let's work to change things in the coming years. Vote for Congressman and Senators who will stand with the women and men who truly endure this life changing moment in their lives forever. It is truly devastating and really can ruin your life... Trust me! It could be your wife, mother, daughter, cousin, or best friend who us too afraid to even speak to those even closest to them. We should not be afraid any more.