Winners and Losers  Audiolibri

Winners and Losers

  • Autore: Paul Beck
  • Narratore: Alec Sand
  • Durata: 1 ore e 15 min
  • Formato:Versione integrale

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Originally course notes for a university level creative writing class, this book blossomed into something far more profound.

Author’s note: “Our creative writing class was trying to come to some concrete conclusions about the characters we were designing and discussing. We needed a simple and straight forward system to design characters that travelled well on what writers call a character arc. In a story, you want some characters to change. They are called round or dynamic characters. Some characters don’t change and are called flat or static characters. We needed a path for the characters to travel, a code for them to follow. So we decided on a design principle where characters were one of two things, winners or losers. It worked out brilliantly.”

More than just a 724 point list, this book is part philosophy, part poetry and part standup comedy routine. It will change the way you write, change the way you think, and ultimately change the way you live. Winners and Losers is a thought provoking and sometimes controversial examination of the human character. Every page is guaranteed to provoke discussion, dissonance and laughter.

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