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Sintesi dell'editore

Bob and Ray's whimsically ridiculous dialogues and subtly satirical glances at the world have graced local and network radio, television, movies, and commercials for over 50 years. Their skits have also been collected into 3 delightful books, and this audio rendition consists of routines from the third book. Bob and Ray introduce such classic characters as Elmer Stapley, the Word Wizard; Holden Merkley, noted economist and comparison shopper; and roving literary critic Ward Stuffer.
(P)1986 by The Audio Partners Publishing Corp.

"...satire, non-sequiturs, wordplay... brilliant comedy." (The Washington Post)
"...their comic routines on a deceptively low key, gradually accelerating to blissfully dizzy heights and finally leaving their audiences howling." (The New York Times)

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  • Donald
  • 24 12 2004


Bob and Ray. A unique pair of dry wit comics.
Gentle and laugh out loud funny.
I love off beat comedy and this is a wonderful
addition to my library.

More Bob and Ray please!

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  • Jon
  • 18 11 2003

You'll fall in love with these guys

If you are not familiar wth Bob and Ray listen all the way through..Bob Elliot (father of Chris Elliot) low key style is HILARIOUS! The sound is great! Johnny Carson Loved them! Me too!

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  • Kerrie
  • 06 10 2008

A bit disappointing...

Bob & Ray are very very funny fellows, and this is an excellent sampler of their classic material. But their performance style depended on a sort of anarchistic, ad-libbed energy that's entirely missing from a straight reading of collected scripts by two elderly men. Sample this book by all means, but if you get a chance to hear the originals, do take it as well.

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  • Douglas Wallace
  • 17 04 2006

Bob & Ray at top form

Excellent audio quality - Bob and Ray are also at the peak of their performance on this recording. Their good-natured brand of surreal satire is delivered with impeccable timing. It is an amazing discovery in this day and age that such low-key, non-scatalogical humor can be so funny. The format is a low-budget radio show that obviously can't attract guests other than charlatans, idiot know-it-alls, local micro-celebrities, or poor schmucks with nothing better to do. Pokes fun at the very fabric of human difficulties in communication, with a very American context, but does it (mostly) with a warm heart. It's almost perfect, I just wish the Great Lakes Paper Clip Company routine was included.

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  • Patrick🍀
  • 14 11 2016

Worthy of recognition.

Readers across this great land will recognize this publication as having significant value, timeless across the ages. Some will find humor, but more significantly Bob and Ray are a flowing stream of sage wisdom, helping all to bring the complex aspects of our modern life into perspective. And if you are wondering why I am talking like this, I just completed the book.

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  • Jan Napp
  • 04 09 2016

Love Bob & Ray!

This is old time radio but still I enjoy it! I'm so grateful these classic Bob & Ray skits have been preserved. Thank you Bob & Ray- you live on making us smile and laugh!

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  • Hot stocks
  • 06 01 2016

These two are for the devotee of the ridiculous!

I wish you had more. the off kilter humor has been around for decades and they were hilarious guests on radio and had shows on CBS and Public Radio. The routines were always short and crazy. The marching drill team on radio was a riot.

  • Totali
  • William
  • 27 04 2006

A shadow of their former selves

I grew up with Bob and Ray, often rolling on the floor with laughter. Unfortunately, this collection does not do justice to the many hilarous hours I've spent enjoying their humor. It's sad.

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  • Russell
  • 15 06 2009

More than bad--a ripoff

Save your money and don't buy this. I didn't laugh once through the whole thing.

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