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We begin with this month's Forethought: "Break the Paper Jam in B2B Payments" by Steve Berez and Arpan Sheth. Then, three full length articles:

"Eight Ways to Build Collaborative Teams" by Linda Gratton and Tamara Erickson: You'll hear why even the largest and most complex teams can work together effectively if the right conditions are in place.

"If Private Equity Sized Up Your Business", by Robert Pozen: Learn how buyout firms can see opportunity for value enhancement in five key areas - and how to beat them to the punch.

"Solve the Succession Crisis by Growing Inside-Outside Leaders" by Joseph L. Bower: Discover how the most successful CEOs, on balance, are those who are developed inside the company but manage to retain an outside perspective.

Finally, you'll hear executive summaries of the remaining articles: "A Leader's Framework for Decision Making", "Mad About Plaid", "Cognitive Fitness", "Mapping Your Competitive Position", "Simple Rules for Making Alliances Work", and "Are Your Engineers Talking to One Another When They Should?"

Authors include Steve Berez,Mary E. Boone, Joseph L. Bower, Richard A. D'Aveni, Tamara Erickson, Roderick Gilkey, Linda Gratton,Jonathan Hughes, Clint Kilts, Julia Kirby, Robert Pozen, Arpan Sheth, and David J. Snowden.

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