• Gold Bubble: Profiting From Gold's Impending Collapse

  • Di: Yoni Jacobs
  • Letto da: Norman Dietz
  • Durata: 9 ore e 9 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 03 08 2012
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Audible Studios
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Sintesi dell'editore

How do TV shows, vending machines, Chinese taxi companies, and a former UK prime minister point to a gold bubble that is about to burst? Many investors consider gold a "safe haven" that will shelter them from recessions, falling markets, and the depreciating value of currency. Many fail to realize, however, that investing in gold at these levels is extremely risky. "We Buy Gold" stores line busy streets, gold miners are no longer protecting themselves from a potential drop in prices, and gold is even being sold in vending machines. All this points to one thing: a gold bubble has formed and will collapse very soon, hurting investors, funds, and banks.

In Gold Bubble: Profiting From Gold's Impending Collapse, Yoni Jacobs looks at how you can protect yourself. Presenting an in-depth analysis of gold dating back over a hundred years, the book explores the structural factors that have allowed gold to form a bubble, why an investor psychology of fear and greed is leading to extremely speculative behavior, why gold will fall during an upcoming recession, what effect the dollar and the stock market will have on the future of gold prices, and how to profit from a gold collapse while the majority of investors lose out.

  • There are plenty of warning signs that gold is about to decline and this book will help you to get ready.
  • Gold Bubble is the only book to argue that a gold bust is coming, going head-to-head with the herd mentality.
  • Filled with practical advice on how to protect yourself and even profit from gold's collapse by being prepared for what's ahead.

With gold prices up over 2,500 percent since 1970, and more than 600 percent since 1999, a bubble has formed and is on the verge of bursting. But until now, no one has been willing to publicly bet against the universal currency. With Gold Bubble you are ready to meet this challenge head on, and take advantage of what other investors won't even acknowledge.

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©2012 Yoni Jacobs (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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  • Christian Campfield
  • 10 09 2012

Gold is not in a bubble...... yet

Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?

Not really since the author's premise is wrong. But is may be good for some people, especially if you are against the wisdom of gold for the long term. It will confirm your views.

Has Gold Bubble: Profiting From Gold's Impending Collapse turned you off from other books in this genre?

The book is well researched and he makes some compelling points. The problem is that he misses the whole idea of a bubble. "Overvalued" and a "bubble" are different things. Ultimately he claims that since he was able to identify Netflix when it was overvalued, he is an expert on identifying bubbles.There is a lot of good research in the book, but gold is not in a bubble. Look at it this way, a bubble is very easy to identify. A bubble is when everyone has it. How many people do you know that have 5% of their assets in gold? At the peak of the NASDAQ bubble, how many people did you know that had 50% of their assets in equities? See the difference?From time to time gold might be considered "overvalued" as it makes near term highs, but in the longer run this is not yet a bubble.

I think it is a good idea to take in many different points of view, so this book was interesting in that sense.

Which character – as performed by Norman Dietz – was your favorite?

The narrator was good.

Do you think Gold Bubble: Profiting From Gold's Impending Collapse needs a follow-up book? Why or why not?

In a few years will he write a follow up book that is titled, "Ok, I Was Wrong Last Time, But Now Gold Really is in a Bubble,"?

Any additional comments?

He does mention some other assets that may be worth looking into such as platinum and diamonds. Just remember that a bubble probably will arrive in gold one day, but only when everyone is convinced that it can't lose. When most of the people you know think that only a fool would sell his gold, then it may be time to get out. I am not a gold bug at all. I am just using common sense observation.

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    3 out of 5 stars
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    3 out of 5 stars
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    3 out of 5 stars
  • 11 08 2012


Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

Yes it was decent with some insightful points

How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable?

ABRIDGE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

What three words best describe Norman Dietz’s voice?

TOLERABLE, Im very picky when it comes to narrators

Could you see Gold Bubble: Profiting From Gold's Impending Collapse being made into a movie or a TV series? Who should the stars be?

No this question really does not apply to these books

Any additional comments?

Too bad I didn’t read this book a year ago it seems that Gold and the miners hit a high at the end of 2011 which would have been an excellent time to sell.
Though I’ve never heard of Jacobs he seemed to have a lot of research on the tech bubble, housing bubble and even the collapse of Netflix which again would have been useful at the end of 2011.
He does seem to repeat a lot of points over and over and over and over again which is helpful for a slow guy like me but an abridge version may have delivered the point well enough. All said it was an ok book

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    4 out of 5 stars
  • Russ B
  • 11 10 2012

A Great Listen

This audiobook gives serious pause for thought to those who believe that the gold price has much further to go. While you may not agree with it's thesis it is nevertheless important that it's alternative viewpoint is considered. The key message is that there were very good reasons for gold's rise from 250 dollars/ounce at the low point in 1999 but that the current price is way overextended and is ripe for a fall.

I would also like to commend the excellent narration by Norman Dietz

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