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Sintesi dell'editore

In this rousing novel, the action sweeps from the Oval Office to a Navy SEAL assault on a remote Indonesian Island, from the court-martial of an admiral to the impeachment hearings of a peacenik President.

The President orders the arrest and trial of a battle group commander who, in defiance of a presidential order, led a Congress-authorized attack on terrorists. The angry Speaker of the House retaliates by initiating impeachment proceedings. Jim Dillon, the Speaker's top aide, finds himself defending the admiral in the court-martial and is named number-two prosecutor for the upcoming impeachment trial.

Meanwhile, a terrorist invades a U.S.-owned gold mine on an Indonesian island, murdering the American boss, and holding his wife hostage. The price for her life: the release of captured fellow terrorists. Dillon uncovers another forgotten power to the Constitution, the Rules of Capture, to authorize a SEAL-led attack.

With a feel for politics that rivals Bob Woodward's, a Scott Turow-like gift for legal drama, and a hard-charging rush of military action that surpasses Tom Clancy, James W. Huston delivers a heart-stopping novel that builds to a riveting final confrontation on Capital Hill. Meanwhile, halfway around the world, the SEALs head for shore in their new Mirage assault boats to finish the job.

©1999 James W. Huston; (P)1999 Blackstone Audiobooks

"Terrorism, pacifism, freedom of religion, and politics are the themes running through this action-packed novel, which also includes clever lawyers, a court-martial, and the impeachment of a president....[Adams Morgan] narrates in a lively tempo that keeps the story moving along nicely." (AudioFile)
"Huston continues to be a most welcome newcomer to the ranks of thriller-scribblers." (Booklist)

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  • Anne
  • 22 09 2004

had to listen to it non stop

usually I can press the stop button quite easily on a audio book.. but not this one...all the plots stitched together so well and it held my attention every step of the way..the characters were life like, and the story was powerfull. what a read..try it.

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  • Linda
  • 20 08 2005

Willing Suspense of Disbelief

This author expects too much acceptance of the completely illogical, e.g.,a protagonist who is supposed to be a bright congressional aide whose intelligence varies between brillient and dull normal; a president whose religous views were not viewed under a microscope when he was elected. It is the mark of a lazy writer when s/he uses plot/character development that simply do not make sense. It interferes with the enjoyment of a story when the listener is constantly thinking, "This is really unbelievable". The premise of this book is interesting so it is unfortunate that the author is inept.

The narrator has a staccato delivery that is very annoying.

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  • Michael
  • 12 01 2005

good story, bad diolog, terrible reader

Overall, I would say that it was a good story that drew me it. I agree with others that at times the diolog was lacking. The main characters often came off as 20 year old air-heads rather than powerful lawyers in Washington. This sense was made worse by the reader, especially how he read women's voices. Every woman came across as a total ditz, at times making almost painful to read. All said, the quality of the story overcame the other weaknesses.

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  • Caliope
  • 25 11 2004

I started with high hopes

This book has a great premise, one that's a bit different from most "thrillers". I might have enjoyed the book, I might have actually made it through the book, had the narrator not been so stiff, cold, and unbelieveable. He was even worse during the female dialog, making even young ladies sound like a cross between Aunt Bee of Mayberry and Dr. Mark Craig of St. Elsewhere. Somewhere in the middle of a woman's line I gave up and never finished the book. This one would be better read than heard I'm sure.

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  • Reagan
  • 24 09 2004

Price of Power

This is a great book.

I started out with giving the book a 5 but it only rates a three.

The reason is not the reader, but the books dialog.

There are times in this book where the characters don't seem they are as smart as they could be in their rolls.

In addition parts of the book have just terrible choppy dialog. For example, early in the book you get the feeling that the characters just zone out at times...not something you expect from a Navy officer.

Other than that this book has it all. A military assault, Congress showing some backbone, and one of the most explosive closing scenes I've read in a long time.

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  • Christopher
  • 10 10 2004

You cant lose with this one.

Its not Tom clancy, but its still a good listen. The reader is very good, but not the best I ever heard. The main people lack depth, but your never lost in the story. This book is best if you dont expect more than it has. I wouldnt buy it but if you have a book balance its worth the 1 credit.

4 su 6 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Storia
  • 17 05 2016

Spins a great tale

I'm really enjoying books by this author. My primary complaint is the narrator's portrayal of female voices. The intonation of female dialogue rarely seemed accurate to me.

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  • Jennifer B
  • 17 04 2016

Great story-- poor narration

Would you try another book from James W. Huston and/or Adams Morgan?

Although I enjoy James Huston's story lines and characters, I will not order another book narrated by Adams Morgan. His style is difficult to overlook to get to enjoyment of the plot.

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  • Albert
  • 18 05 2015

The price we pay for voting by emotion instead of knowledge about the candidate.

This book has better prepared me to vote for the best candidate by researching the candidates background,family,and human values.

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  • brian
  • 22 02 2015

Another great thriller.

If you could sum up The Price of Power in three words, what would they be?

Action thriller awesome.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Jim Dylan, if that's how you spell his name. He has views I'd agree with if I were in his position.

What about Adams Morgan’s performance did you like?

He's excellent with different types of accents.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?


Any additional comments?

A must have for political and action thriller fans.

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  • David
  • 15 03 2007

Gripping, - I couldn't turn it off!!!!

Don't buy this audiobook unless you have the 15 or so hours to spare in a short space of time - I listened to this in two days, I just couldn't bear to turn it off!! I had never heard of the author before and only downloaded the book on a whim. I am however a fan of Clancy, Stephen Coonts etc. This book is of the same ilk. The story is well written and grabs your attention from the start. The comparisons in the main synopsis to Clancy and Trurrow are correct. The only shame is that the first part of this story (told in a previous book 'Balance of Power) isn't available on Audible. Now that I have listened to this I can safely say that I have found a new author that I really like. I shall be buying his other audio books and reading what is not available.

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  • Martin
  • 09 11 2007

Excellent if you keep listening

At the start of this book I was disappointed and thought it lacked pace and structure. However, before long it became gripping and I just had to keep it playing. The narrator does a good job by including the right amount of expression in the characters without being intrusive.

I would recommend this book.

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