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Sintesi dell'editore

In this concluding book of Adrian McKinty's highly praised Dead series, Michael Forsythe confronts his former lover and archrival, Bridget, a New York Irish Mob boss.

Michael has survived his infiltration of an IRA splinter cell in Boston, and now, his many near fatal wounds healed, he begins his next adventure as manager of hotel security in Lima, Peru. It is there that he is contacted by Bridget, whose fiancé he killed.

Bridget, calling from Dublin, says that her 11-year-old daughter has been kidnapped. Michael's choice is to fly to Dublin and help her find the girl, or be executed at the hands of Bridget's goons, who are holding him at gunpoint. He agrees to nothing, but is soon on the way to Dublin, leaving the first two of many dead bodies in his wake.

©2007 Adrian McKinty; (P)2007 Blackstone Audio Inc.

"[H]is most visceral, satisfying effort yet....McKinty writes masterful action scenes, and he whips up a frenzy as the bullets begin to fly." (Publishers Weekly)
"[O]utpaces its immediate predecessor, The Dead Yard...with [McKinty's] trademark dark lyricism, one great red herring, and a masterful plot twist that brings Forsythe's character full circle in a lightning flash." (Booklist)

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  • Johnnie Walker
  • 23 03 2007

SIX STARS ******

After slogging through a number of adequate audible books recently, I jumped at the opportunity to acquire the latest McKinty. I was so taken with the first chapter that I called my husband when I reached the end of the first chapter just to revel in the fine writing and reading. Today, I hit my parking space near the end of the first download and sat in the lot until the chapter ended. There is absolutely no better combination of writer and reader in the Audible library!

If you have not listened to any of the other McKintys, do NOT start with this one. Do the "Dead" series in sequence.

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  • Jason Feinstein
  • 14 03 2007

Another Amazing Book

Adrian McKinty has fast become one of my favorite authors and Gerard Doyle is a spectacular narrator. This third installment of the Michael Forsythe series is tremendous. It would be useful to have listened/read to the two prior installments, and absolutely essential to have read Dead I May Well Be before Bloomsday Dead. I will be in serious withdrawal until McKinty comes out with his next book.

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  • dumbclub
  • 08 10 2009

McKinty and Doyle: a perfect pair

I have listened to every title that Adrian McKinty and Gerard Doyle have collaborated on as writer and reader. They are so perfectly suited as complements to each other, that I can not imagine one without the other.

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  • Matthew Laun
  • 15 07 2009

Great pulp fiction, and perfect narration

I loved the first two in this series, "Dead I Well May Be" and "Dead Yard". If you enjoy a good story of swearing, drinking, lusting, and killing, you should love this. This third book (and I'm about 75% done) is even more over the top with it's cliff hangers and close calls than the first two, which may be fitting for a swan song. Logic, realism and character depth? Hell no! But grit, blood, lust and revenge. Yeah, more of that please. Oh, and the narration fits the first person tale perfectly. Ya wee shite!

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  • MEMcL
  • 30 05 2009

Good story; Charming reader

This was my first book by McKinty, and I will download the others.
Michael goes about the most outrageous business with humor and introspection and with that lovely Irish lilt. It would be hard not to be captivated by it all.

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  • Ted
  • 13 04 2014

Michael Forsyth - The Legend Continues!

Adrian McGinty stories are tornado-twisty! And Michael Forsyth is 'the' Irish super-dark-hero. You gotta' start this series with "Dead I May Well Be" the first in this epic. Oh, this book stands on its own bottom but you'll like it enough to want to read the other two in the trilogy only to discover that you began at the ending.

Some reviewers are shocked… SHOCKED! That Michael Forsyth and his hair-trigger mob buddies talk like men. If you are shocked… SHOCKED! By the way that men talk in ugly and dangerous situations… Well, go find a teenage romance novel or maybe a Disney story about unicorns and dancing bunnies, K? Sigh.

BTW, McGinty has the power to make you laugh out loud in complex moments. Oh… Of course I gotta' mention Gerard Doyle's narration… Okay… "WOW!" You got a better superlative? Fill it in here __________. Thanks.

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  • Jon
  • 18 08 2008

I love this guy!

This book, like the others in the series, is not only a suspence novel, a crime novel, and an adventure novel. It is also a wonderful development of character. Granted, the character is violent, but the level of self-interrogation in this book goes far beyond the normal suspence, crime, action thriller. And the narrator captures the novel's voice in an excellent way.

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  • Eileen
  • 09 05 2008

Round 3

This is the third book of the Michael Forsythe series, and my biggest disappointment was that it had to end. There are some shocking events that round out Michael's story, and the build up is a real rollercoaster ride - like a good thriller should be written.

I have recommended this to all my friends, and I can tell you that you won't be disappointed either. If you want a face-paced, funny, intense story to take your mind away for a while, get these books!

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  • Suzan
  • 01 05 2009

Adrian McKinty is now on my favorite author list

This continue the story started by "Dead I Very Well Maybe". You will want to hear this one, an excellent listen with all the right Irish and NYC accents. The story has a big twist at the end. I heard this in 2 days and all my yardwork got done.

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  • Cheryl
  • 26 10 2009

Adrian McKinty sure can write!

I'm with earlier reviewer Suzan -- McKinty is on my favorite author list. This book races with excitement but I also had to stop and re-read passages because they are so beautifully written. Michael Forsythe, the protagonist, is a force to be reckoned with, but he's also very human and VERY funny. I love this whole series and hope Michael Forsythe returns.

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