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Sintesi dell'editore

Jonathan Stride and Serena Dial are both investigating high-profile murders in Las Vegas. A celebrity is assassinated during a fling with a prostitute, and a young boy is killed in a brutal hit-and-run incident. When the cases converge, Jonathan and Serena find themselves racing the clock against a determined serial killer and searching for a connection to the unsolved murder of a showgirl years earlier.

Freeman's vivid cast of characters exposes all of Las Vegas' dirty secrets, past and present. And in a rooftop showdown amid the ruins of a 1960s-era casino, the chase comes to a stunning climax.

Like the author's Immoral, Stripped pushes the emotional and sexual limits of its heroes and keeps the listener riveted until the last shocking plot twist.

©2006 Brian Freeman; (P)2006 Blackstone Audio Inc.

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  • 27 05 2017

Great Addition To The Series

Stripped takes place largely in Las Vegas, not Duluth, the setting for the first novel involving policeman Jonathan Stride. As such, you can expect more sex, people behaving badly, and moral depravity than in the first book, and you won't be disappointed. Stripped involves a series of recent deaths, one quite heart breaking, which are possibly linked back to the unsolved murder of an exotic dancer back in the 1950's. Setting the plot up this way gives the author Freeman lots of ways to do contrast and compares between the Vegas of old and the new Vegas. Just to make the point clear, the building where the murder occurred is about to be demolished to make room for a new project, and that demolition is key to the resolution of the novel.

I've commented before that Freeman plays well above his pay grade both in plotting and characterisation. The plotting in this book is a bit less subtle than Immoral, his first book in the series, but his characterisations are even better. I especially liked his portray of Stride's partner, a man who has gone through gender changing surgery to be come a woman. In most writer's hands, this would be a mess. Freeman handles it with dignity and brings out real sympathy for a character with such a divided identity. Of course, it turns out that when we get to the real villain, the uncaught murderer from the first crime, there are some identity challenges as well.

Stripped stands out in the series for its Las Vegas locale. It's a nice diversion, but I was glad to see the series move back to Duluth at the end of this book.

Joe Barrett was fantastic with the delivery of the story

Highly recommended.

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  • Mike
  • 25 02 2013

A good story Vegas

Would you consider the audio edition of Stripped to be better than the print version?

I always purchase the unabridged version, so I am assuming there is no difference.

Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? How?

The plot was good, I found myself listening to it on headphones when I was unable to use the radio speakers, I would find reasons to listen.

What about Joe Barrett’s performance did you like?

The way he brought each character to life, when I am able to know who is speaking without having to be told who said what, then that is a good performance. The pauses and inflections in speech patterns, along with that Minnesota accent...yeah you betcha.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

No extreme reactions, there were parts that made me laugh, great one liners and some good old fashion wise cracks.

Any additional comments?

Very enjoyable, there were times I found myself not wanting to turn it off, which is exactly why I listen.

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  • Ted
  • 11 09 2013

Bumbling Geniuses? Hmmmm....

To build tension and distress, Brian Freeman asks us to believe that his cops are sort of dim bulb-ish. Well okay, most of us are and it’s charming to have detectives that are like you and me. Problem is, they wind up solving a multi dimensional criminal plot here that’s buried in a half century of Vegas bloody cover-up. Well, okay… it’s an intriguing puzzle and sort of ingenious. It's the kind of plotting that many of us read these things to enjoy. Yet it’s hard to suspend disbelief when these people who are perilous serial blunderers flash the penetrating deductive insight of Goren and Eames from Law and Order’s Criminal Intent.

But… but… the real talent of Brian Freeman is his dissection of human commitment, promise, loyalty, gender, freedom, lust, and love. Freeman doesn’t judge, he shows. That theme is what will make me download the continuing growth of Detective Jonathan Stride. I want to know what happens next in this guy’s struggles to bring meaning to his life and the ensemble cast he moves among.

I’m glad I started with the first in this series, “Immoral”, and almost demand that you do to. This isn’t a novel; it’s an installment in an epic tale of this guy’s life. Oh yeah, Joe Barrett is exactly the actor to bring this all together. Uh-huh, you might complain about his female voices, but whuddahell… get over it. Barrett sings the music of Stride’s life.

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  • Charles Atkinson
  • 14 10 2015

Vegas Setting Makes This One Work

I'll make 3 points about this book that shoud explai why I enjoyed it and you should too.

First is the remarkable set of characters. John Stride is a native Minnesotan. A simple man, accepting of others and has a great depth of character about him. This is in stark contrast with the glitter and shallowness of Vegas. His partner is transexual, wealthy, and a terrific cop on a force hellbent to destroy her. His girlfriend is also a cop. She escaped a sexually abusive stepfather at 16 and made her way to Vegas. She's street wise, but also smart and driven. So you have 3 distinct detectives, intimately involved with each other, yet from vastly different backgrounds.

Second, the story is riveting. The mystery and suspense kept me interested and surprised me.

Third is it is narrated by Joe Barrett, one of the best in the business.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 24 03 2007

Great Atmosphere

I loved this book and am eagerly looking forward to his other books. Brian does a great job of conveying what it's like to live in Duluth (where I lived for 4 years). It's also a great mystery story, with some twists that I didn't see coming, even up to the very end. It's a really fun ride to get from the beginning of the book to the end.

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  • Cartec
  • 12 04 2017

Ducks out of water but succeeding

I read Freeman's books because they take place in Minnesota. This one didn't and I was a little disappointed but I love Stride so I kept listening. The story was okay and the mystery intriguing. I didn't care much for the ending but the book was entertaining and the ending won't keep me from reading all of Freeman's books.
"The Bone House" is still my favorite but each of Freeman's books leaves me satisfied and feeling as though I possess time well-spent.
Mr. Barrett was at the top of his game. He made the story come alive and at times I forgot that I was listening and not part of the story.

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  • Nancy Chilton-Kendrick
  • 07 03 2017

These Characters Grow on You

This is audiobook 2 and I really liked it. Left some unanswered questions but overall an excellent story and narration.

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  • bryan1214
  • 30 07 2012

Excellent read

Gripping story and characters. I have read everyone of this guys books and found them all well wortgh the money and can't wait for his next book.....

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  • C. McCoy
  • 06 11 2008

Top Notch Listening

This is the 3rd book by Brian Freeman and I have read the previous two as well. Each one of them is a terrific listen. Freeman not only spins a great mystery with lots of action and a thrill a minute but also has a great way with words. Its like he carefully considers each word's impact before using it in his story. He has plenty of twists and turns, surprises and convolutions to keep me not only interested but on the edge of my seat. I have had his last two books for 5 days and have listened to them both hardly laying down my player for a moment. I love his main characters, their humor,interaction, friendship and their "lives" are fascinating in themselves. If you like fast action, detective stories, with plenty of action, sex and drama you can do no better than this author and his books. Do not hesitate to get them and listen to them you will not be sorry. My wife who isn't into audio books turned me on to Freeman after she read his first novel and now has read all three of them too and loves them! Whatcha waiting for?

Additionally, Joe Barrett, who narrates these books makes the character and story come to life in a big way. He has distinguishing voices and tones even regional accents for each character. The main character Lt. Stride, was born and raised in Minnesota - he has the "Norwegian flavored" accent down pat for him. The books are made ten times better by this actor! Barrett has assumed the mantel of my favorite narrator from Guidall whom I love very much.


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  • Jeremy Jordan
  • 29 09 2017

another great book.

Love this series and it continues to get better. the twists and turns are very well done. on to the next!

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  • JonR
  • 18 07 2009

Good but not as good as "Immoral"

Would liked to have given this review 4.5, but settled for 4. It picks up Stride and Serena's characters shortly after the previous book Immoral, and whilst you don't have to read that book to enjoy Stripped, as I would recommend that you do. Although a good story I don't think that it was good as Immoral, as it lacks the number of twists and turns of that story. However it is still a very good listen, and very well read. I hope that Audible publish more in the series

3 su 3 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Ronald
  • 12 09 2008

Stripped, but not of passion.

Having read his first novel, I was interested to hear what was on offer in this, his second offering.
Well, I was enthralled. Often, I listen to audible recordings walking the dog, whilst listening to this tale the dog often came back panting and needing water. So did I!
It was the type of book that kept you thinking who was exactly involved, and, when the final reality hits you, wow, you did not really expect an ending of that calibre.
He will also reply to your e-mail on the thoughts you have on the book. Who has the time to do that today ?
Make it your next download.

3 su 3 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Glynis
  • 15 10 2009

well worth a listen

i listened to the first 'stride' story & enjoyed it. so chose this on the strength of it. another good story. very worth listening to. easy to listen to & i dont mind the reader's american accent. hope there will be a 3rd novel one day

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