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Perils in the Belgian Congo

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Eight million dollars have been stolen, and the only woman Reverend Alabaster Armstrong has ever loved may be in danger. Across the lands of the Basala Mpasu and the pygmy stalking grounds of the Congo come Alabaster and his army of Christians to rescue their own Helen Good. From the gate of Sanctuary Mission to Hobo Town to the horse racing tracks of the world and into the dark and forbidding jungles of the Belgian Congo, Alabaster's band of rescuers fight day and night with unimaginable beasts and unruly natives - all to fight the evil genius Marvin Baggs, who is still out to destroy them. Will the reverend triumph over the deadly warriors of the jungle and bring home the girl he loves? And what about the eight million dollars? Will it be finders keepers? Perhaps most importantly, will the one as strong as the Enemy turn out to be the angel that God has sent to watch over his people, or is he really the prince of the underworld, chief spirit of evil, and ruler of darkness? Only in facing the Perils in the Belgian Congo will Alabaster find out just what God is doing through this second adventure he's called to undertake.

Join author Claude W. Keenam in his second book, Perils in the Belgian Congo, as he takes Alabaster on another journey into an exciting world of mystery and adventure.

©2009 Claude W. Keenam; (P)2009 Tate

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