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Sintesi dell'editore

A serial killer is targeting gay men, preying on them in popular bars and parks. Assigned to the case, rookie cop Pat St. James feels all too close to the victims. He's gay and firmly in the closet at work. Pat and his fellow cop, Hank, are hanging out in bars, trying to get a lead on the killer.

At the same time, Pat's looking for Mr. Right – juggling three men, hoping he'll find the perfect match for himself. He picked up Bill at a bar; Dean's a longtime friend. And in yet another ironic twist, his partner, Hank, is also gay and on the list of possible beaus.

As the killer continues to rampage, strangling and raping his victims, Pat has to focus on his work and hope that his personal life survives the stress. But when his hopes and dreams for happiness overlap with the investigation, Pat may be headed for big trouble.

©2008 John Simpson (P)2009 Dreamspinner Press

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  • Heather
  • 16 01 2010

Headache Inducing Narration

I want to talk about the narrator. Horrible.

He speedily reads through the book in a wanna be cop monotone. No inflection of his voice. Nothing. He pauses on commas as if they were periods and speeds on through punctuation as if the book were one long run on sentance.

You can't tell which characters are speaking because he continues to read in a droning monotone. There are conversations with 3 or more people and you don't know who's speaking. And don't get me started on the sex scenes. The words "technical manual" come to mind.

Bottom of the barrel excuse for a narration.

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  • Michael
  • 02 10 2011

Sargent Joe Friday Reads a book

Oh my goodness. The story was ok. but the emotionless Joe Friday narrator from dragnet gave this story the emotional depth of a teaspoon. Speed of reading was more important that feeling of the character. It mattered not wether he was talking about eating a donut or getting pleasured. IT WAS ALL THE SAME. If i was the author I would sue the narrator for the killing of a somewhat good and at times interesting story.

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  • HawaiiGuy
  • 26 05 2011

What Horrible Narration

I was hoping that this book might be interesting, but with the horrible narration you sometimes miss the story line because the narration grates on your nerves. The Canadian inflections don't bother me as much as the monotone delivery and "literal" pronunciation which makes you think "Nobody speaks like that..." I think if there was a different narrator the book may have better reviews. I've listened to many books on Audible, but this, by far, was the worst -- I think I'll stay away from any books Narrated by this reader.

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  • Carolyn
  • 26 08 2010

Very Bad Narration

This audio book would have been a good read, but the narrator made it a very bad listen. Just ruined the whole experience

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  • Nolan
  • 06 04 2010

Wanted to like it...

...but it fails on many levels: mediocre writing, excessively enunciated narration, and just a few too many gay cliches. Gave an extra star for the effort (because we need more gay fiction in audible format).

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  • Randy
  • 22 05 2012

Performance almost a 1/2

What did you like best about Murder Most Gay? What did you like least?

The story is so so ---

What was your reaction to the ending? (No spoilers please!)

don't know if I'll make it there.....

How could the performance have been better?

another narrator -- I've listened to many audiobooks and this one was probably the worse. Mispronouncing so many words ... the wine Riesling .... the word homicide ....I may try to read the book myself instead of listening

Did Murder Most Gay inspire you to do anything?

select a different book to listen too.

Any additional comments?

I don't give poor reviews often -- but sure wasn't pleased with this performance.

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  • marc p
  • 08 08 2010

Sequel is Better

There is a sequel to this book, and I found that it is more interesting. In fact, I wish there was a third book in the series.

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  • L. G. Hebbard
  • 17 06 2010

It's ok

Sort of kept my attention. It really is ok but not great!

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  • joseph fairfield
  • 17 02 2018

good story

very good story, but the reader sounded like he was reading a book report in front of class. would have been much better had the reader gotten more into character. very good story

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  • Nick
  • 13 04 2013

Murder, bombing, cults & sex. All with a gay twist

What disappointed you about Murder Most Gay?

I was really intrigued by a murder/drama plot with a gay theme but it failed to live up to the expectation. The most disappointing thing was the script itself. The syntax was halting and contained too many words. David Tunic really had to work hard to make the story seem to flow. I also think that there were too many characters. It's like the author just added extra love interests for the sake of having sex scenes.

Would you ever listen to anything by John Simpson again?

No I wouldn't.

What three words best describe David Tunic’s voice?

Canadian. Deep. Crisp.

What character would you cut from Murder Most Gay?

One or more of the love interests of the main character.

Any additional comments?

I definitely think it was the script rather than the narrator that made me only rate this audiobook 2 stars. I also think that there was potential for a great story here but John Simpson has overcrowded it and made it more complicated and thus, harder to follow.

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  • osionide
  • 09 06 2011

Worth It

An intriguing storyline, perfect specimen male characters (with perfect opportunities to show it off) and a passable job of the naration, makes this a great addition to any LGBT library that you could enthusiastically listen to again and again.

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  • Michael
  • 07 01 2013

Interesting crime plot line but weak characters

Story: The book has some compelling elements to the story, a newly recruited gay cop wanting to prove himself, and a string of murders to solve. Unfortunately the characters didn't capture me, with the main characters not being consistent, and making some really silly decisions. For example, watching a suspect enter bar, radio for backup, then head in on your own right after the suspect who immediately gets spooked and runs before backup arrives, leading to a rather nasty situation later on. To top it off, the main character then thinks back over the night and can't think of anything he could of done better....

There are some great bits to this story, but feels like poorly written story to sit around some sex scenes.


The audio quality on this recording isn't great. I got used to it, but it just feels like it wasn't recorded using decent equipment and microphone.

The narration isn't great, no effort is put in to giving each character their down voice/accent. As a result some scenes are a little confusing as to who is saying what. A bit of effort to convey characters would have been nice. The sentences didn't always sit well together, as if the narrator didn't know what was coming next himself.

Verdict: A nice tale that could have been so much more.