• High Season

  • Di: Jon Loomis
  • Letto da: Charles Bice
  • Durata: 7 ore e 38 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 21 04 2011
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Iambik
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Sintesi dell'editore

Frank Coffin had been a well-respected Baltimore homicide detective. But when he started having panic attacks at crime scenes, he was forced to go home to Cape Cod, where the worst crimes were usually break-ins, bicycle thefts, and domestic disputes. That is, until a vacationing televangelist turns up dead on the beach wearing a wig, a muumuu, and one size-twelve pump. Not to mention the raspberry-colored taffeta scarf strangling his neck.

Frank and his partner, Officer Lola Winters, begin checking out the drag bars and isolated trysting spots the reverend might have frequented. However, when the body count starts to rise, it becomes alarmingly clear that a killer with an agenda is at large in Provincetown. And Coffin’s fears - like unwelcome summer tourists - have returned in full force….

©2007 Jon Loomis (P)2011 Iambik

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  • John S.
  • 09 02 2012

Not a bad use of some leftover Audible dollars

The scene-setting worked well (I've never been to P'town myself), and the pacing moved along without getting bogged down. The secondary characters served to support the story, without overshadowing Coffin - I especially liked his partner Lola, and friend Kowalski. May sound harsh, but I didn't really care for his girlfriend, and her angst about her ticking biological clock ... zzzzzzz ... and was secretly hoping she'd be killed off the one time she was in danger (spoiler: no such luck). Also, perhaps I'm not cynical enough, but I found it tough to believe the baddies could pull off quite that level of corruption. Charles Bice's narration was fine, except for his habit of pronouncing the nearby town of Orleans as OR-lee-ans; I've always heard it as Or-LEANS.The only thing I really didn't care for was having to listen to (as opposed to skim past) the TMI sex scenes between Coffin and his girlfriend - ugh!
I'll wait a while to tackle the sequel "Mating Season", listening to it if the audio's been produced, or reading the print version otherwise.

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  • Anniebligh
  • 23 04 2011

enjoyable police detective story

The long standing cultural diversity of an old fishing community, with a history of smuggling going way back,is confronted by secretive property developers out to make 'multis'. A very wealthy evangelist comes to town to enjoy the oysters and his penchant for cross dressing in a town that openly accepts diverse sexual preferences. None the less the Law applies to all, visitor residents and local government alike.A man goes missing and a body is found on the beach.
Enjoyable story, well read.

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  • Gus Block
  • 30 08 2012

Terrific listen... despite botched production

I heard about the Frank Coffin detective series during an interview with Jon Loomis on NPR's Morning Edition recently and decided to listen to this first in the 3-book series. As a Provincetown fan I enjoyed it immensely - Loomis's depictions nail the town and its wild, delightful diversity of inhabitants perfectly. The reader, Charles Bice, did a fine job. The production problem is that each chapter ends with an annoying announcement, "End of Chapter 1," etc. (ugh - this can't be in the text), followed by too long a pause, followed by the announcement of the next chapter. Conversely (and more irritatingly), Loomis's chapters sometimes shift scenes in the middle, which is fine, but the reading proceeds from one scene to the next without even the slightest pause, which is confusing until you realize what's going on. Despite these irksome issues, Jon Loomis is well worth a listen, especially given the price. Hopefully future versions will be more professionally produced.

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  • Mark Andreadis
  • 14 01 2014

Good read

Would you listen to High Season again? Why?

This is an easy but intelligent thriller with witty prose, interesting characters and the requisite suspense to keep you listening. I really enjoyed it.

What does Charles Bice bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

The narrator did a good job in that he did not annoy me, overact, or otherwise distract me from the story.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

A story good enough to resist the reductionim of the nausea inducing idiots that ask you to construct your opinions in the "tag line" format.

Any additional comments?

No wonder there is such a dearth of intelligent comments by readers. This will be my last time being sheparded through this annoying, patronizing process. Was that enough words in the correct section?