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Sintesi dell'editore

TOPGUN instructor Luke Henry quits the Navy to start a private aerial combat school in Nevada. A lucrative contract with the U.S. government brings him 20 Russian MiG-29 fighter planes with the condition that he train a group of Pakistani Air Force Pilots hand-picked by the Department of Defense. Luke is hesitant to train fighters from another country in the skills he learned at TOPGUN, but he cannot open the school without agreeing. The closer he gets to these students, however, the more he suspects that they may have an agenda of domestic terrorism that will soon spiral out of control.

With Fallout, James W. Huston scores big with his most riveting and thought-provoking thriller yet. The plot twists and turns with excitement until the startling conclusion.

©2001 James W. Huston; (P)2001 Blackstone Audiobooks

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  • Lori
  • 18 12 2004

Definitely worth the listen

The story was very compelling. I found myself looking forward to my commute so I could listen to more of the story. It was exciting and absorbed my interest, making the drive fly by.

Having said that, I think there was a lot of military and governmental security stuff that maybe didn't have enough explanation for my knowledge base. For example, why was it a good thing to have a private military fighter school in existence? I had issues with the believability of the story. I can't say it couldn't happen for sure, I just like to believe such a cluster-something couldn't happen.

The other thing is the narrator. He was okay, but was mostly just reading the story. I had trouble transitioning from what one character was saying to the next character. But I was totally spoiled by the narrative team in the Ender Saga, and the narrator of the Da Vinci Code, so this guy has some stiff competition in my mind.

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  • SoCal Anonymous
  • 19 11 2009

mediocre book, poor choice of reader

The story was only mediocre, which could have been disguised with a really great reader. This reader sounded like an English college student and was a poor choice for this book. It often sounded like the characters, in a moment of high drama, were discussing which pub to go to for lunch rather than whether someone was a threat to national security!

It was often difficult to distinguish one character from the other also--the voices were pretty much the same. There were also many pauses in the reading that were extraneous to what was going on and detracted from the current action.

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  • Totali
  • KD
  • 23 08 2005

Not worth the Journey

Similar to watching a bad movie just wanting to get to the ending to see how the characters you have invested time in turn out, but you just cant make yourself do it. I had to buy the book and listen to it in my own voice as the narrator completely destroyed the story.

An english accent does not do an american fighter pilot justice no matter how talented one's voice could be. However, in this case, there is no talent as the narrator simply reads the story as he was in the third grade.

Sorry, I would pass on the audio. Buy the book.

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  • Interpretazione
  • Storia
  • J. Bavousett
  • 27 08 2016

Great book, horrible reader.

The guy reading the story is no good. He tries too hard to separate words, making it sound horribly unnatural.

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  • Interpretazione
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  • DECLO 68
  • 31 08 2015

Sorry it was done

Wish there was a sequel. Maybe give a little credit to a superior being when the miracles happened.

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  • Interpretazione
  • Storia
  • Michael
  • 30 03 2014

Definitely Worth Reading!

I found this book very interesting and often did not want to get out of my car but rather sat in the driveway listening to see what would happen next before shutting off the engine. The military story line is thought out and develops well through the book. There were a few loose ends that remained unfinished, but overall a good book.

The deeper story line here is showing yet another example of how American's feel safe in a world that is not so safe. Even though the story is fiction, it leads one to think about what other opportunities are out there for terrorists to attack within US borders that we do not realize.

  • Totali
  • KC Kumar
  • 13 11 2007


Great story, interesting to keep you on the edge of your seat... Clear, The reader was one of the best. Story line was easy to follow and a story I could easily imagine happening in reality. I enjoyed this book very much.

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