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Sintesi dell'editore

DEFCON: DefenseReadiness Condition DEFCON Five: normal peacetime activities DEFCON Four: increase intelligence watch and increase security DEFCON Three: forces on standby, awaiting further orders DEFCON Two: forces ready for combat DEFCON One: forces deployed for combat

In this explosive best seller, the United States and the Soviet Union are poised on the brink of Armageddon. Glasnost has failed, Russia is economically desperate, and Gorbachev's successor has launched the first strike in what may become World War III. Only one man knows the full extent of the impending horror - a CIA operative trapped in the Kremlin.

Written by a former Marine Corps pilot, DEFCON One is a blistering scenario of men and war - exciting, tense, and frighteningly real.

©2012 Joe Weber (P)2013 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 27 08 2016

High tech, high suspense, high tension!

Cold war heats up to the brink of Armageddon! Geopolitical intrigue. Small inner circle politburo cabal of Soviet hardliners opposed to glasnost are convinced that the only way to achieve the Communist goal of world domination and return the Soviet Union to its former glory is to destroy the United States in a surprise all out nuclear first strike. The depth of the author's knowledge of the inner workings of the respective governments and the military command structure made the story real enough to be an account of history thst could have been. The realistic dialogue and detailed description of the aerial combat scenes put me back in the cockpit
The narration was first class - literally made me like I was present as a participant. Overall, a great and thrilling read.

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  • Lucas W. Abbott
  • 05 08 2015

The reader is so bad!

The reader's breathing is so loud it wreaked the book for me. Gave up on chapter 3.

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  • R. Denton
  • 23 12 2014

Poor imitation of Red Storm, 2D characters

Would you try another book from Joe Weber and/or Keith Szarabajka?

Not unless I read amazing reviews. This had zero character development despite its length and the "tech" was pathetic when it was not horribly inaccurate. It was a really sad knock-off of Red Storm Rising, without the characters or the realistic battles. If I had not purchased it, I would not have finished it.

What was most disappointing about Joe Weber’s story?

Everything was literally US vs. Soviet formula, with really bad stereotypes. You never got to know any of the characters or care about what happened to them and the military/battle scenarios were short on details and believability. There is no protagonist, just a lot of shifting scenes from ships to planes to Kremlin to White House. I would only consider another of his books if I could get it from the library for free.

Have you listened to any of Keith Szarabajka’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

The reading performance was okay. Not stellar, but he didn't have much to work with, so would not be fair to judge the performance based on this book.

Do you think DEFCON One needs a follow-up book? Why or why not?

NO! Weber needs to stay on his day job at the call center.

Any additional comments?

Audible really needs to get a bigger library. There are a lot of really good books out there on audio, as I have obtained many from our local library system and sometimes purchased disc versions. Got a feeling I'll have exhausted the Audible collection within another few months unless they come up with some better way of indexing that allows a better browsing interface. Also, I'm getting tired at having the "App" pushed at me every time I login to the site.

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  • Mark
  • 26 07 2014

Defcon One

I wanted to enjoy this book, I even finished it though I couldn't explain why.

The basic premise, that the Soviet Union elected to embark on a nuclear strike rather than concede the cold war I thought had some potential. Unfortunately a good idea isn't enough.

This is really not good writing, actually the more you think about it, the worse you have to admit the writing is.

The characters, well character is probably too strong a word, the dialog, best not mentioned, even the plot execution was pretty disjointed.

Sometimes a gifted narrator can rescue some pretty average story telling, this is not one of those times. This narrator may work for some pretty specific books but here, he was as bad as the book and at least in this case, two negatives most definitely didn't make a positive.

If you do find yourself part way through the book and are hoping it gets better, um, it doesn't.

I had always thought I could happily read some pretty trashy ridiculous light books, it seems I have limits.

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