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Sintesi dell'editore

Author Michael McDowell, known for his chilling Blackwater series, left behind the unfinished manuscript of Candles Burning at his death in 1999. His close friend, Tabitha King, has taken up where he left off, weaving a Southern gothic fabric of murder, guilt, innocence, corruption, and survival, in the voices of the living and the dead.

Seven-year-old Calley Dakin is daddy's little girl, but her well-born mother persists in her contempt for the Dakin name. When her daddy is tortured and murdered by two women with no discernible motivation, Calley and her mother find themselves caught up in inexplicable events that exile them to Pensacola Beach. There, another woman awaits their presence, a woman who knows what Calley is and who seeks to control her. For Calley is no ordinary little girl.

©2006 Michael McDowell (P)2006 Blackstone Audio Inc.

"[A] lightly supernatural confection....King completes it beautifully as to tone, aura, and flavor, and it's funny and intriguing, magnetically readable." (Booklist) "A mix of magic realism and Southern gothic, this stunning collaboration moves at a hypnotic pace, like an Alabama water moccasin slipping through black water." (Publishers Weekly)

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  • Dan's Gal Sal
  • 21 03 2007

Pay Attention!!

This is more than just the charming coming of age story of a slightly different southern girl named Calliope. I set out listening to it as though Ms. King & Mr. McDowell were relating a story of a sweet girl, her society mother and dominant grandmother. But it's much more.
I had to go back to the beginning and listen to parts again. I had forgotten critical details in the little vignettes about Calliope's childhood that turned into important points later on.
The story itself, is very good. You'll find yourself rooting for Callie, as she develops into a woman, much to the chagrin of her mother and the manipulative souls around her, but the mystery buried within is what the book is all about.
So, pay attention to the details and you will enjoy the book that much more.

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  • Louise
  • 13 06 2007


At the beginning I thought of fast forwarding. Glad I didn't there was one spot where I said "Oh Yeah" this is going to be great. And I wasn't wrong. Strong story line with well developed characters. Subtle is how I would characterize this amazing novel. If you like supernateral tales then this one is for you. Mother and daughter relationship is somewhat humerous. Not funny ha ha though. Coming of age is also an important theme. All in all this book is an enjoyable and rewarding listen. Finally I must say that the Narrator could not have added more flavor to this delicious tale. It basically has a Southern backdrop with a little girl able to communicate with dead people.

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  • Cathy
  • 21 10 2009

Great Story, EXCELLENT narrator!

I found this book to be riveting. I loved the story line and the narrator, Carrington MacDuffe, took me 'there' with her superb southern accent. I was spellbound. But, I have to admit, that I was a little disappointed in the ending. But, overall, it was still an excellent adventure.

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  • A Buchanan
  • 19 12 2016

Two different stories that didn't blend

The start of the book was so promising. Then the second half was a different story with somewhat similar characters. The southern charm of the first half was definitely out of the second part. And the second part droned on: chapters that didn't move the story along and boring characters bits, rubbing mamma's feet as a teenager?!! The supernatural part was introduced in the second part and not interesting. I do not recommend this :( However the narrator was excellent...the story was dull as a butter knife.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 05 11 2015

Dragged on and on

Is there anything you would change about this book?

I loved the detail in this book and I thought the writing was good. The problem is it dragged on and on without much happening. The ending was very anticlimactic as well. I felt that they left many things unexplained and the way the ending was wrapped up it almost felt like an afterthought.

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  • Sarah
  • 03 02 2018


Outstanding characters, made me laugh many times. Narrator was excellent. Kept me interested to the point, I could not put it down. For anyone who wants to drift back to the 50's-60's and the sunlight brezzy shores of the Deep South, this is a read that will take you there. I loved it!

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  • moonrae77
  • 30 12 2017

Kept me entertained

Mid century southern charm with a touch of mysticism. I only wish there were more Tabitha King books on audible. I intend to look for Michael McDowell's work as I had not heard of him before this.

  • Totali
  • alfred
  • 26 11 2017

I loved it

Holiday weekend listen. It was fun . A story grows into a place that breathes.

  • Totali
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  • Holly Money-Collins
  • 23 11 2017

Great Southern Gothic

Truly enjoyed the story, however, you must pay attention to the characters. Everyone is eventually important.

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  • Kytrena vedder
  • 19 09 2017

very Tabitha King.

It's been a while since I have read a Tabitha King Novel but this novel is so her...especially the twist...surprised the crap outta me...pretty good story.