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Sintesi dell'editore

When Keith Stoner awoke, he found himself in a world changed almost beyond recognition. Eighteen years before, Stoner had been the American member of a joint U.S.-Soviet mission to capture an alien ship. The Soviets had to pull out, but Stoner persisted, and while on the strange ship, he fell into suspended animation.

Jo Camerata, the ambitious young student who fell in love with Stoner, is now head of Vanguard Industries, which has recovered the alien ship. As a result, her company is now in control of its vast new technology and the fortune it reaps - and in control of Keith Stoner.

What Camerata doesn't know, however, is that someone else has been awake, someone who dwells within Stoner's mind. The alien presence that has kept Stoner alive all this time is now free and intends to explore our world, letting nothing stand in its way.

©1986 Ben Bova; (P)2006 Blackstone Audio Inc.

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  • David
  • 22 04 2016

i love this story

I love the story but book 1 is a little slow but you will like this book its great.
ill let others give the story review.
I don't hand out stars out easy but when I do you can count on it.
if you like this book then get all.
unless you like to skip the first

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  • John Schmeisser
  • 04 09 2007


What a disappointment. After the cliff-hanging end to Voyagers I, I actually expected something action-related to happen. This ended up as more of a "personal discovery" / "relationship development" book that was loosely wrapped around a science fiction concept.

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  • Bruce
  • 26 11 2007

Less Terrible then Voyagers III

Voyagers II is just a little less terrible then Voyagers III-
If Ben Bova wasn't a competent writer, I would say that this novel was a waste of my time. His storytelling saved it from being on my all time worst list. Ayn Rand already wrote Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Add in some George Orwell and Larry Niven with a touch of "Heart of Darkness" and you get this rehash of stale Science Fiction ideas. Even though I disliked this novel, I did care about the characters, and I had to finish it to see how it turned out. Voyagers II and III would have been better short stories. The narration was very well done. If you don't like this novel, don't bother to go on to the third installment, it is downhill from here.

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  • GH
  • 02 11 2013

An Oreo trilogy – Strong 1st, soft 2nd -- 3rd?

I loved the first book in the trilogy. It ended with a surprise. The second book is set 18 years later and the plot weak and uninspiring. We learned about motivations and met some old characters from the first novel -- but the obstacles were not that high and the science fiction not that deep. With the first book being so strong, this book felt more like a setup to the third than a story in its own right. I did like the ending of the book -- so there is that.

Stephan Rudnicki did an excellent job of narration. I love listening to him. If this book had not been narrated by someone so engaging, I would have given it a two stars overall.

This story is a must for the third book as it fills a lot of holes and it's plotline does not at all stand on its own without reading the first -- so don't even try to skip the first novel. All in all disappointing.

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  • D. Lockwood
  • 07 09 2007


Reminds me of what happened to Heinlein in his decline. As Cory Doctorow has said a SciFi author's views say more about the times in which they live rather than their view of the future. This book really reflects the Zeitgeist of the period in which it was written. Short easy answers to complex problems and issues. A real disappointment after the first in the series.

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  • Michael
  • 21 05 2011

Another Triumph for Bova

I have read and or listened to at least a dozen of Bova's book's and this one ranks at the top! Great work! Good characters, good plot with engaging information about alien culture, I was definately impressed! If only I could write this good!

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  • stig1875
  • 25 11 2008

Voyagers 11

Up to Bens Bova's high Standard, a good read if you are into Sci Fi can't wait to read Voyager 111

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  • John
  • 22 12 2017

Good story, poor playback quality.

This audiobook suffers from sound fade, like you used to get on old tape recordings. While you get used to it, it is a distraction.
Overall an enjoyable tale if you like the more classic sci-fi books.