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Enhanced and expanded version as of July 1, 2017. 

In this third book in the Colony Ship Eschaton series, Jamie and Michael continue to discover how vast and unknown the old ship is. Why do some of the artificial intelligence systems seem to work, but others do not? Who is the unknown that sent a dismembered body through the transport system? How will the refugees from Dome 17 interact with the people who were born inside the habitats of the Eschaton? What threats to the very survival of the people exist in the unknown reaches of the Colony Ship Eschaton? And personally, can Jamie and Michael survive these unknown threats?

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  • Norma Miles
  • 04 02 2018

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The survivors of Dome 17 are trying, with varying levels of success, to adapt to their new world. John loves it, Jamie, although liked and respected by the indigenous inhabitants, finds it all rather primaries, and the lack of technological advances frustrates nearly everyone. Especially Brink, former Dome 17 master engineer. He longs for the data sticks to be working again so decides to go on a personal quest to see if he can find the remains of the shuttle, and A.I.Roxanne.
With the larger possible cast available to the author in this third Colony Ship Eschaton story, several story lines can be followed simultaneously but only two are concluded satisfactorily. As always in the wider Colony Ship worlds, the writing and characterisations are simple and easy to read, the adventures imaginative. Unfortunately, the narration by Beg Cassis adds little to the story. Although her reading of the text is reasonably modulated, her pace is slow and laborious. Spreading the delivery to 1.25 helped at the expence of making her sound somewhat robotic. But it was Ms Cassis' delivery of the character voicings which became really annoying as she employed spurious accents for several which sometimes blurred what was being said as well as sounding horrible.

With several loose ends dramatically left hanging ( and even listed at the end of the book)., it is to be hoped that a further installment of life on the Eschaton Colony Ship will follow shortly, though preferably with a different narrator.