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Sintesi dell'editore

Before she joined the Indestructibles, Kate Miller haunted the streets of her hometown, a hero trying to drive away the ghosts of her own losses and failures. Masked and alone against the dark elements of her city, Kate became known as the Dancer, the ballerina vigilante, fighting street-level crime and trying to make the world a better place, one fight at a time.

But when an early mistake leads her back to her roots, will Kate have the strength to fight on? And how will it help her become the hero she'll someday become as part of the Indestructibles?

The Soloist is a story told in the "one-shot" style of old comics, a self-contained adventure from the Dancer's early days. Find out how one night almost ended her career as a vigilante before it even began, and learn more about what drives the Dancer to keep fighting....

©2015 Matthew Phillion (P)2018 Matthew Phillion

"Superheroes are famous for being perfectionists. Bruce Wayne, Big Barda, Natasha Romanova, Matt Murdock - they all trained diligently to reach their utmost physical and mental potential. And so it is with Kate Miller too. Now, in a prequel to the first Indestructibles novel, we get an insight into Miller's motivation. As it turns out, being a ballerina is excellent training for being a crimefighting vigilante. You never know when a perfectly executed grande jeté will come in handy. Coda: the author recommends listening to Samuel Barber's 'Adagio for Strings' while reading his story." (

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