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Sintesi dell'editore

Returned to the Earth of 2037 by the Firstborn, mysterious beings of almost limitless technological prowess, Bisesa Dutt is haunted by the memories of her five years spent on the strange alternate Earth called Mir, a jigsaw-puzzle world made up of lands and people cut out of different eras of Earth's history.Why did the Firstborn create Mir? Why was Bisesa taken there and then brought back on the day after her original disappearance?

Bisesa's questions receive a chilling answer when scientists discover an anomaly in the sun's core - an anomaly that has no natural cause, evidence of alien intervention over two thousand years before. Now, plans set in motion millennia ago by inscrutable watchers light-years away are coming to fruition, in a sunstorm designed to scour the Earth of all life through a bombardment of deadly radiation.

Thus commences a furious race against a ticking solar time bomb. But even now, as apocalypse looms, cooperation is not easy for the peoples and nations of the Earth. Religious and political differences threaten to undermine every effort. And all the while, the Firstborn are watching...

©2005 Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter (P)2008 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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  • Jim "The Impatient"
  • 05 02 2013

Educated people won't War?

This is the second book of a series, but so little from the first book is used in this book, you really don't have to start with the first book if you don't want.

Neither Clarke or Baxter are known for character development. The are know for Science and showing the epic size of our Universe. This book is no different from the most of what Clarke writes, so if you like Clarke you will like this. I have always been interested in our Sun and there is a lot here on the Sun. If you are not into science or the Sun then you will not want this book.

I liked the old fashioned Can Do attitude of this book. I am not sure I have the confidence in the human race to work together, as suggested here, but it was nice to dream. I also believe having one big shield instead of several small shields, may have been a little old fashioned. In the eighties we thought one big lens for Hubble was the way to go. After putting it into space and having nothing but problems with the lens, we discovered that a group of smaller lenses working together would have worked better and that is the way our big telescopes are being built today.

Some may be offended by Clarke's views on religion. If you have read Clarke before you know he hates religion and blames them for the woes of the earth. He also makes it plain here again that people who believe in a Creator are Idiots. He also uses again, the Star of Bethlehem, to represent evil. I am able to look past this, but you might not. Clarke is dead now, so he is finding out the truth.

I was a little surprised by the anti Chinese sentiment in this book. I laughed at Clarke and Baxter's, couple of attempts at sex scenes. You could certainly tell two nerds wrote them. At the beginning there is an attempt to show sympathy for a pretty person being taken serious in a group of scientist. There was more feeling shown for an AI dying then for millions of people dying, or one scientist's own daughter. One AI was even the biggest hero. Clarke believes that if everyone was educated we would not have wars. I believe it would help, but Clarke has evidently not seen what happens when a group of tenured College PHD's, don't want someone with different political views entering there departments.

I often have different views on John Lee's strange voice and his lack of doing different voices, even between genders, but I felt he fit this book well.

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  • Anderson Silva
  • 28 07 2016

amazing book. I strongly recommend it!

For the Scifi lovers, this book is a state of art! I strongly recommend it!

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  • Kristi Richardson
  • 10 05 2012

Part 2 of the end of the world as we know it!

What did you like best about Sunstorm? What did you like least?

I loved what I learned about the Sun and how scientists would work together to solve the impossible. It was great science fiction.
I didn't like the fact that even though this was a continuation of another book, "Time's Eye" there was only one character from the original book in this one. Disappointing.

What did you like best about this story?

I learned a great deal about options in cases of the Sun going crazy and the ingenuity of humanity.

Which character – as performed by John Lee – was your favorite?

My favorite characters were the AI's Aristotle, Athena and Thalius. There was a little bit of Hal in them that reminded me of 2001.

Was Sunstorm worth the listening time?

Yes, definitely. Can't wait to listen to the third book, "Firstborn" to see how it all turns out!

Any additional comments?

Arthur C Clarke is one of my favorite authors. His books never disappoint and are always based on science fact. You can't go wrong with him or John Lee as the reader!

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  • Nicholassmith
  • 15 04 2015


I really enjoyed this book much more than Time's Eye. I look forward to the series finale.

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  • Jorge G. Aroche
  • 25 01 2015

Even better than the first one

Exceeded my expectations
Creates an utterly believable reality grounded on a scientific framework and given life through a great story and believable characters. Science fiction at its best.
The narrator is excelent and really brings the story to life.

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  • Larry
  • 29 04 2012

Very scientific

Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?

I love time travel novels. The first in this series was more time travel related. This book was very informative about the sun. Good but not great.

Would you recommend Sunstorm to your friends? Why or why not?

Yes. It's part of the series.

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  • Robert
  • 21 01 2009

Great SF

With the other books in the series a fine, wide spanning part-fantasy, part hard science fiction story. Well written, well read, worth the money.

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  • Nick
  • 09 09 2008

Top stuff

A very fine story but the first book is required reading albeit there is no direct connection and they can stand alone.This is very Stephen Baxter ! Everywhere there are references to 'soft screens'a device that populates many of his previous books. It almost borders on an obsession and can get quite tedious with ''soft screen this and soft screen that'' but the book is nonetheless a first class tale. The dome referred to in the latter stages is a variation of a dome referred to in Time Ships, perhaps his best work to date and one that Audible Books should look to include.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

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  • Petteri
  • 08 07 2016

Detailed story

Narrated in detailed, describing way. Pleasant to listen to while working or driving. Enjoyable if not truly engaging.

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  • Dr. C. J. Durrant
  • 16 05 2015


one of the most bizarre journeys you will ever be taken on, cant wait to hear the next instalment of this saga.