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Run Before the Wind

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The recent loss of their Faerie Kin to the curse of the Finnal Izhodan has left the Elves alarmed and devastated, but they face an even greater challenge as the largest army ever known marches toward their coastal home.

In this second novel of the Faeltheon, authors Rachel DiDomenico, Chrystine Kern, Samantha Ward, and Michele Yardumian return to the Land of the Faeltheon to follow the adventures of the survivors left behind at the end of The Alliance.

Will the daring and audacious plan of King Beregos be the salvation of his people? His son, Aelric, must risk all to find out, taking the remnant of his people and fleeing the shores of their beloved Land for the dangers and uncertainties of the sea. Unknown to them, Theo, Laslorn, Elrad, and the others in the hidden realm of Marliondolen are permitted to glimpse what befalls them and to pray for them. With enemies pursuing the Faeltheon remnant, and Humans on every side, their desperate search for the island of their creation is fraught with dangers and surprises, and they have no choice but to Run Before the Wind.

©2010 Rachel DiDomenico, Chrystine Kern, Samantha Ward, and Michele Yardumian (P)2010 Tate

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