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Sintesi dell'editore

Best-selling writer Orson Scott Card founded the online magazine Intergalactic Medicine Show in 2006. It has been a big success, drawing submissions from well-known science-fiction and fantasy writers, as well as fostering some amazing new talents. This collection contains some of the best of those stories.

There is fiction from David Farber, Tim Pratt, and David Lubar among others, also four new Ender's Game universe stories by Card himself. This collection is sure to appeal to Card's fans and be a great ambassador to them for these other talented writers.

©2008 Orson Scott Card (P)2008 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

"The first collection of short stories from [the] online magazine...features noteworthy SF and fantasy stories from a bumper crop of talented new authors....[and] the stories from lesser-known writers are the compilation's real driving force....If the quality of these stories is any indication, IGMS has as much promise as the newcomers it showcases." ( Publishers Weekly)"Card has taken the venerable SF concepts of a superman and an interstellar war against aliens, and superb characterization, pacing, and language, combined them into a seamless story of compelling power." ( Booklist)

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  • Jim "The Impatient"
  • 27 07 2016

Do Angels have nipples and belly buttons?

This has 20 stories, of which I loved seven. Most of the rest I did not like. With the exception of Card and Farland, most of these are writers, just getting started in their writing careers and some of them may not have a future as writers. Each story has an afterword, in which the author explains why he/she wrote the previous story. Most of the time, the answer is that it was an assignment for their writing class. My favorites in no particular order were The Moon Calf (David Farland), Cheaters and A Young Man With Prospects (Card), Hats Off (David Luber), To Know All Things That Are In The Earth (James Maxey), Respite (Rachel Ann Dryden) and Taint of Treason (Eric James Stone).

Dryden's story is reminiscent of McCaffrey's' Pern Novels. I believe it was Lubar who wrote in his afterword that short stories should have plots. This would be good advice for many of the other writers. Many did not have plots and a lot were just conversations. I am on record saying that Ender's Game is the best Science Fiction Novel of all time, but I most admit I am getting tired of Card writing about nothing but Ender Game.

The narrators are all professionals and do a good job.

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  • Timothy
  • 27 08 2009

Varied collection, but overall enjoyable

As to be expected with a collection of short stories by numerous authors, the quality of the stories varied. The stories by Orson Scott Card, especially "Pretty Boy" and "Cheater" were standouts. However be warned that the last two Card stories, "A Young Man with Prospects" and "Ender's Homecoming," are essentially excerpts from "Ender in Exile." Among the non-Card stories, "Respite" and "To Know All Things That are in the Earth" were standouts that made me look for excuses to get more listening time. "Taint of Treason" was interesting, but felt more like a literary exercise than a full story. I'm mixed on "Tabloid Reporter to the Stars," and can imagine it polarizing audiences depending on their reactions to the twist.
The remaining stories ranged from "good" to "so-so." None stood out as "bad," but some, such as "Beats of Seven" did not fit my taste, and made me glad that it was a short story instead of a 20 hour novel.
Overall though I enjoyed having a compilation of short stories. The risk threshold with a short story is low, but the potential payoff is high. As noted above, some did not work out for me, but others were outstanding. Compilations like this are an excellent way to branch out your listening.

An added note: each story featured a short essay by the author describing the creative process for that story. Regardless of my assessment of the story, I found each essay enlightening.

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  • Michelle
  • 12 04 2009

Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show

The Ender stories are well done. The other stories are of wonderful quality. Most of them left me wanting more or thinking about what I thought would happen next. This is the beauty of the short story. The afterwords by the authors are interesting looks into the process of writing from many different viewpoints. The narrators are well paired with the selecions. I like short stories and think this collections is well worth the listen.

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  • DecemberRain
  • 09 08 2015

Card is a master storyteller

Cards short stories never disappoint me, they carry me away to another time and place where anything is possible. His characters are sharp and likable.

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  • Jason
  • 11 02 2013

Good for Ender's Game Fans

This audio book is a mix of various scifi authors. Orson Scott Card wrote several pieces and they help to fill in some of the "blanks" in the Ender's Game series. The short stories by the other authors were not bad but I mainly purchased this book because of OSC's contributions. If you can't get enough of Card's writing or Ender's story, this book is for you! If you are just a casual reader of his books and the series, this might not be worth the read. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I just started another book by Orson Scott Card. He's a great author and I hope he keeps writing for many years to come! Also, his books are some of the best when it comes to the performance of the readers!

5 su 6 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • David
  • 22 04 2009

it's like a pot of stew...

The portions written by Card are the meat, while the other stories are the other ingredients. Honestly, I bought it for the stories relating to the Ender's Game universe ("Mazer in Prison," "Cheater," "Pretty Boy," and "Ender's Coming"). "A Young Man with Prospects" didn't quite feel like an Ender story, even though Ender was in it.

"Cheater" and "Pretty Boy" were my faviorte pieces of this compilation. Each being about different, soon-to-be, Battle School students (Han Tzu and Bonzo Madrid) and what their life was like before school. Each story is about the same length as Bean's story in Ender's Shadow, before being discovered by the I.F.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get through the other short stories. I listened for a few of them at first, but perhaps I was impatient to get to Ender parts, or I was simply just biased since I've never had the pleasure of reading these other authors before, but I skipped most of them. I suppose that means I just don't have the appreciation for new stories for now, so I'll go back sometime to listen to the rest of them and see what I missed out on.

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  • James
  • 06 03 2011

A must read for any fan of the Ender Series.

Five wonderful back stories on players in Enders Game mixed in with short stories from other authors.
The back stories give an insight on people like Bonzo Madrid, Maser Rackman and Alexandra (the girl and her mother that was on the ship with ender for 2 years) that you can’t get from Enders Game book. We also get an expanded expiation of why Ender couldn’t come back to earth.

While I didn’t come to like Bonzo or that dominating mother I do have a better understanding of why they are the way they are.

The rest range from 5 star enjoyable stories to items that should not have made it into this or any book.

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  • Maksim
  • 19 06 2017

An absolute must read

Another collection on par with Carbide Tipped Pens, Far Futures. Card does a great job collecting these stories that are interesting as science fiction, but as all OSC stories are very emotional. He is a lot like Bradbury in this respect. and the stories here all could have been written by OSC himself, with depth to it's characters and a lot of heart. a must read. Not a single line or minute wasted, and performers are superb!

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  • Budd Turner
  • 01 05 2017

A great SciFi collection

I enjoyed almost all of the included stories, especially those related to characters from "Ender's Game".
Anticipating another or more of equivalent quality from other publishers.

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  • Eddie D. Moore
  • 24 01 2017

Great Stories & One Complaint

Any additional comments?

My favorite stories in this collection were the very short stories. A few of the stories were less than ten minutes in length, and they ended with a satisfying pop that left me wanting more. My only complaint is that so many of the stories were repeats from previous anthologies or segments snipped out of the Ender Game series.