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Sintesi dell'editore

Roger Ramius Sergei Chiang MacClintock was young, handsome, athletic, an excellent dresser, and third in line for the Throne of Man. So it wasn't surprising that he became spoiled, self-centered, and petulant. After all, what else did he have to do with his life?

But that was before his mother, the empress, packed him off to a backwater planet and he found himself shipwrecked on the planet Marduk, with jungles full of damnbeasts, killerpillars, carnivorous plants, and barbarian hordes of bad disposition. Fortunately, Roger had an ace in the hole: Bravo Company of Bronze Battalion of the Empress' Own Regiment. Now all Roger has to do is hike halfway around the planet, capture a spaceport from the Bad Guys, commandeer a starship, and go home.

©2001 David Weber and John Ringo; (P)2005 Blackstone Audiobooks

"Sure to please....Superb storytelling." (Publishers Weekly)

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  • Euryleia
  • 30 11 2007

Lots of fun!

If you have ever read anything by David Weber then you already know the characters, plot and conclusion. I don't mean that as a criticism, because I loved these stories. But if you are looking for high literature, insightful social commentary or a 'visionary' new story... this is not what you're looking for. If you want adventure and escapism dressed in military sci-fi clothing, by all means buy the entire series- In fact, buy everything the man has ever written because that's exactly what he writes. It's brain candy, and there is nothing wrong in indulging in mindless fun now and again.

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  • Michael Jacobi
  • 20 08 2008

Weber Ringo team a pure winner!!

This David Weber and John Ringo collaboration really sets the bar for modern military SF. Kind of a "Hemingway -esk" main theme with an immature fop learning manhood from an older and wiser man. Great battle scenes and interestingly believable situations. This series got me rolling on John Ringo books like the Posleen War series, note to Audible, we need these in audiobook form... and led to my blazing through most of David Webers work. Honestly, this one is well worth your time. Can we give 10 stars? Well done David and John, thanks for the ride!!

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  • Charlie
  • 16 03 2012

Weber, Ringo, and Rudnicki -- a great combination

This is the first in the Prince Roger series, and it gets off to a great start. Typical Weber and Ringo, with lots of action and adventure, but there's more underneath here than we sometimes see. The story has Prince Roger on his way to do his "wave the flag" duty at a distant world when his ship, and the dedicated Company of soldiers assigned to protect his (in their and just about everyone else's opinion) worthless butt is forced to land on a minor and rather inhospitable world due to sabatoge. They fight the flora, fauna and natives, to march "up-country" to try to get to the one port on the planet so that Roger can return home. The interaction between Roger and his Company, especially the Company Commander, is a learning experience for everyone.

The story is well read by Stefan Rudnicki, whose narration is seamless and becomes a part of the story, never standing out or distracting.

Overall, a pleasure, and a read that makes me really want to do a couple of extra laps just to listen to it.

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  • Ethan M.
  • 11 06 2006

Hard Military SF with a definite worldview

This audiobook, a re-telling of an ancient Greek account called the Anabasis with the addition of space marines and aliens, is firmly in the hard military science fiction tradition -- you will learn to tell a lance corporal from a captain and get detailed descriptions of how each weapon and device works. That being said, it moves along at a great pace, and, if you are a fan of either hard science fiction or Tom Clancy-ish military thriller, its a pretty enthralling listen.

However, there is in this audiobook, like all of Weber's work I have read, a very strong bias that is difficult to describe, but might best be called conservative, in a political sense. The bad guys are a nation of environmentalists, noble emperors are the best form of government, the military is always right, whiners need to be made into men, etc. This isn't something that need drive you away from the book, but it is persistant, and can occasional be a little annoying, since it shapes the way characters will be developed (what will the effete Prince learn from the marines? Why, the virtues of discipline!) Of course, it may not bother you at all, either.

In short, great hard science fiction with a military bent, though the character development and politics may not be quite as interesting as finding out whether the combat shuttle has enough fuel to reach that landing patch before they are detected....

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  • Jim "The Impatient"
  • 23 08 2011

Some like it explained

These are two prolific writers, so I am guessing that there are people out there who want to know how to take a futuristic gun apart and put it back together, who want to know every detail about every weapon, ship, tool, even how to make a rope bridge or temper steel. I prefer the writing of Orson Scott Card who tells a story and builds great characters. For me, if you take out all the stuff that sounds like it is coming out of an instruction manual, then you have a pretty good story here. I am not a fan of abridged books, but I bet this would make a great abridged book. Yea the characters are all predictable, but sometimes that is what you want in a story. The creatures on the planet where cool and the people of the planet where cool.

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  • Ashanti
  • 23 10 2009

Just didn't do it for me.

If you walk into the scifi and fantasy section of any bookstore, you'll see a whole shelf devoted to these authors. So there is obviously a market for their work. But for whatever reason, it just didn't do it for me. I think if the book were a movie, I might be inclined to check it out, but as a series of novels, I find myself comparing the Prince Roger series to Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosian novels. Between the two, Lois wins hands down for me. I'm sorry to say that I truly found this book boring.

As far as narration, Stefan Rudnicki is a veteran and master of the dramatic read. If anyone has a problem with him, it would have to be a matter of personal taste and definitely not for any lack of skill.

The bottom line for me is that you will only like this book if you are totally into this genre. If you are trying this book out on a whim, as I did, you will probably be disappointed.

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  • Michael
  • 06 04 2007

Wonderful Experience

This book was better when I listened to it than when I first read it. I actually missed an exit because I became so wrapped up in what was going on. Very well produced and the reading was excellent. I look forward to the next 3 in the series.

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  • Mark
  • 21 02 2007

Good ole basic Sci Fi

OK, so David Weber and John Ringo aren’t going to win any Pulitzer Prizes for this story. So maybe the characters were predictable and so was the story line. So who cares! This was a fun story to listen to. The story kept up a fast pace throughout the whole book. Actually through out all 3 of the books that I heard. This is truly one continuos story line from "March Up Country", "March to The Sea" right through "March to The Stars" and I feel safe to say will carry on into "We Few" (which I will be reading very soon). These books just made me want to keep going through this adventure to see what would happen next. It was basic good vs bad (not evil). Many of the ideas and scenarios developed through out the books were quite clever and unique and the integration of high tech space vs pre industrialized Earth technology was well done. Though why the bow and arrow never came up is a bit puzzling. I wanted to give these books a 3 star rating but just couldn't because they were so much fun. This was just a good all around listen.

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  • Jana
  • 07 08 2009

Strong characters, a bit too much technical detail

This is the story of a spoiled brat of a prince who comes into his own after getting stranded on a hostile planet. I enjoyed the character development and the narration was excellent. The battle and fight scenes were plentiful, possibly a bit too plentiful for my personal taste. What I could have lived without, however, were the extensive ballistic and technical details of all of the weaponry used.

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  • Douglas E. Noll
  • 29 07 2009

Great Series

I have just finished my third listening of this series. I love the characters and the plot. Certainly, there are weaknesses, but overall, this is my favorite Audible series. I am a discerning listener and avid reader and it takes a lot to bring me back time after time. I remember having the same feeling about Tolkien in high school in the 60s. Strongly recommended by a Dartmouth English Literature major, author, and lawyer.

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  • Oliver
  • 22 11 2010

Great sci-fi.

Have fully enjoyed this audio book. At first I found the reading a little hard to listen to but really got into it and now find it brilliantly engaging. Have since downloaded the other two books in the trilogy as I could not wait to find out how the story and characters progress.
It contains some quite complex battles that you have to concentrate quite intently to stay switched on to where all the characters are but often found when you miss parts you can piece it together after but I digress a great yarn with great character development and a world that is well easy to picture and a good narrative. Defo. one for the sci-fi geeks amongst us however.

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  • Stephen
  • 15 08 2010

March Upcountry (Unabridged)

I really enjoyed this audio book i would say it was a cross between starship troopers and avatar.
This if the first book of four and i look forward to getting the rest.

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  • Andrew Collings
  • 24 12 2013

A very good book

Any additional comments?

Stefan Rudnicki is one of the few American voice artists I have found on this site that can really bring the books he is reading to life; his performance brings an edge and depth to the characters that is so often missing in audio books. Even his female characters are believeable without him having to resort to silly voices or the dull monotone of many of his counterparts (I REALLY wish they could get him to record the Honor Harrington books which, I found, were impossible to listen to).
Highly recommended

1 su 1 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Terry
  • 17 05 2010

An Epic Story

This series is up there with the epic Deathstalker audiobooks by Simon R Green. Start with this book and work your way though - you won't be disappointed.
Exceptional story vividly read and spanning a vast world of surprises.
Great action and characterisation adds to the plot.

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  • George
  • 08 04 2013

Good book - good series.

I very much enjoyed this "Prince Roger" series and have listened to it more than once.

For fans of epic science fiction this is a good buy - although the emphasis is more on low tech than high tech.

  • Totali
  • karl
  • 23 12 2012

Great book and series

The only complaint I have about the price Rodger series is there are only four books.

The story is well written and reasonably paced, the humour is well placed and not out of context.

The book has the feel of Webers Honour Harrington

  • Totali
  • Richard Taylor
  • 11 11 2008


Wow, I couldn't put this away once I started it. I hope the next "March to the sea" is just as good.