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Sintesi dell'editore

Three terrorist attacks are launched from freighters against the United States. Only one fully succeeds, but in the blink of an eye all of the country west of the Rocky Mountains is transformed into the technological equivalent of the 18th century - no electricity, no computers, no electronics of anykind, or any of the amenities of modern life that depend on them. This is the story of ordinary and extraordinary people, high and low, who struggle to survive in a mortally wounded nation, as America's enemies within and without circle for the kill.

A Latino gangbanger becomes mayor of a devastated Los Angeles; a gay survivalist fights for his life in San Francisco; an ordinary Indiana housewife and her three children struggle to keep their lives together in a crashing economy; a shrimp fisherman in Louisiana watches a mushroom cloud rise over New Orleans; the admiral in charge of the military defense of the nation faces a storm of enemies from every corner of the compass; and the president of the United States and the Speaker of the House of Representatives battle for supremacy as the lives of 60 million Americans hang in the balance.

Lightning Fall tells a story of terror, tragedy, and triumph that you will never forget.

©2014 Bill Quick (P)2014 Blackstone Audiobooks

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  • Jan
  • 01 07 2014

An Equal Opportunity Political Disaster

Not really sure what Bill Quick intended to say in his painful, over-reaching 18 hour novel, which will require an equally long follow-up novel to tie up the loose ends. The message I got was he thinks Hillary Clinton is an idiot and would be a bad president. The EMP over California and nuclear bomb in New Orleans, politics in Washington, race riots, news blackouts, confiscating gold, new currency, no food, invading Mexican troops, Chinese plots and Islamic militants are just the tip of the iceberg. He jumps from character to character, location to location in a way that kept me from bonding with anyone... he also has multiple shady characters which use a great deal of profanity and share liberally their bigotry. If I was a Woman, Black, Hispanic, Democrat, Mormon, Politician, Serviceman... pretty much anyone... I would be offended by this book. The main characters which are the few positively portrayed include a gay male prepper, a teenage genius, a Tea Party and Republican secret group with plot to overthrow president and the inventor of solar panel paint. I am just grateful its over and have no desire to find out what happens.

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  • steve
  • 09 05 2017

I Liked It Mostly

Would you listen to Lightning Fall again? Why?

Not likely, but if there were a few follow up titles I might.

Would you recommend Lightning Fall to your friends? Why or why not?

Before I say I'll preface with my opinion. The story is more or less believable. There are a few issues I had with the way the US Armed forces weren't deployed to the West coast as soon as possible. And why was California the only West Coast state that mattered, besides theUtah segiment? Of course, it's possible that Mr. Quick had more of a story here and it got edited too much. Hard to say. There were other things that he had done some excellent research with such as the survival training and supplies. And the political stuff was... interesting? I'll leave it at that because it depends on what you think is best in terms of government. It could be either liberal or conservative and that's a matter of personal opinion. Nevertheless, I liked the political back stage infighting scenes. They were mostly believable. The Carter to Clinton part was a bit much, but I got it. I'd have preferred a different pair of characters in this fiction work but that's just me. Last, I did like the reader. I think it was the 1st of his efforts. I thought he did fine. He has a relaxing timber to his voice and I thought the imperative voice he used was good. The character voices were okay, not great but passing grades for them too. All that being said? I give my recommendation but keeping the afore mentioned issues in mind.

Have you listened to any of Johnny Heller’s other performances before? How does this one compare?


If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

Here comes the Rock! Just when you need him the most!!!

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  • Alan
  • 24 06 2014

Most interesting book to listen to.

Other than the obvious push to justify homosexuality and the authors’ love of sex with men, the story was good. It held my interest even thru the garbage bag of immorality and the God is dead theory. The characters were excellent and the choices the author made with the president and her husband where perfect I loved it especially their ends. More than obviously "oh no" mr. bill and hillary these two were represented perfectly and with great accuracy. The end of "oh no" mr. bill in the book aka BJ which remembering everything about Monica Lewinsky fits to a tee was sublime in its execution [no pun intended]. The way the story is laid out in the book sounds like it could very well happen as described and found myself imagining it very clearly while listen to the book. Not to mention the narrator did a great job of it. I'll be watching for a follow up or book 2, it seemed that the author left a lot of room for one to be written and I for one will be watching for it.
I recommend the book but again the homo crap could have been left out of it, do what you want in the privacy of your own bedroom, that's between you and your Creator as far as I'm concerned but don't shove it at me in your book[s]. Unless of course he was trying to be "Progressive" much like the commie-crates are today in the ongoing administration of the great pretender and lying king.
The whole book could have been a political espionage story. I had fun with the majority of it and I didn't want to put it down even with certain things that offended my sensibilities’.

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  • William T.
  • 16 05 2017

A different twist on the EMP Disaster Novel

Be warned, the language is horrible!!.....definitely not for family listening (I REALLY wish Audible would come up with a ranking system). Otherwise, an excellent political thriller more than an EMP Disaster Novel. It would make a great (but long) movie.

So....Hillary is elected and the "diabolical duo" are back in the a white House. I never considered that the Chinese would team up with the Mexicans, but fully feasible and kinda brilliant. The Chinese send an EMP weapon that disables the west coast and places 60 million lives at extreme risk. The Mexican government offers assistance, which turns into a military invasion. I'd like to think there woukd be more opposition than the author shows, but maybe not. The book deals more with the aftermath of the west coast situation than the EMP in, finding out how it happened. If you can deal with the constant F this and F that, it's a good story.

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  • Ryan
  • 13 04 2017

Good story, bad narration.

The story became very confusing at times when switching between settings because the voices for all the characters were exactly the same. I was often even unable to tell who said what in a conversation between two people. Other than that the story was very good with interesting characters and a realistic storyline of a modern doomsday scenario.

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  • aaron staples
  • 02 04 2017

ok ok OK

kind of a funny story but didn't really care for the voice acting especially the Mexican gangster that s*** was ridiculous

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  • askbaker
  • 01 04 2017

Too much time spent on Gay indoctrination.

Any additional comments?

I wanted a disaster book and got an introduction to alternate life style. I stopped the book after just a few minuets. (Maybe 5 to 7 minuets) I’m not one who is willing to pay to hear someone's views on politics or religion. Just say no to this one. Before anyone goes off on this review, I’m not going to include my views on these subjects here. This not the place for that.

I’ve read and listened to books with characters of all types. But the author didn’t build a disaster book around an alternate life style, political or religious view. That would be OK if that view was central to the plot, (like politics or religion starts a war) but here it wasn’t.

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  • Jeff
  • 06 12 2014

To much Gay indoctrination!

Would you try another book from Bill Quick and/or Johnny Heller?


What was most disappointing about Bill Quick’s story?

I wanted a disaster and not a introduction to alternate life style and all his feelings!

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  • William
  • 21 09 2014

two for one

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

I would recommend this to a friend as it is entertaining and suspenseful.

What was your reaction to the ending? (No spoilers please!)

The end was a surprise in may ways and allows one to add their own spin to what happened.

Which scene was your favorite?

When the thugs were trying to burn the apartment complex down, and the Marines arrived to save them. What a classic - "The Marines have landed!"

Did Lightning Fall inspire you to do anything?

I made me think more about being prepared for an EMP attack, as well as any one of the many diseases that seem to be popping up in our country. Preparation is better than regret.

Any additional comments?

This also an interesting portrayal of the Oval Office. One that may in part be in our furture.

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  • victoria
  • 03 07 2014

Good Disaster, Rubbish Politics

Hmm. This is a tough one. The disaster scenario is interesting, the characters are pretty good. And the narrator does an excellent job. I was enjoying this book until the author's political vendetta against 'the Carters' got too extreme to swallow. And ultimately distracted me from an interesting 'what if'.

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