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Sintesi dell'editore

A forgotten story is a legend undiscovered.

Born from a five-part series of short novelettes, Into the Dark seeks to bring the myth surrounding The Magdon to a new generation. Bringing the beast along with her twisted and mysterious world into the 21st century brings with it a whole new adventure.

Exploring more of the depth surrounding the things we ignore that live in the shadows. Submit yourself to learning the truth behind the shadows and embark on a wonderfully adventurous and exciting ride that is Into the Dark

The rambling obsessions of a long dead relative or something more? When Gabe receives the battered leather journal of his great-grandfather, Archy, he is filled with disbelief. With pages filled with stories of a mythical monster called The Magdon, Gabe casts aside the diary as the by-product of a troubled mind. That is, until the madness begins to take shape in Gabe and his family’s lives. 

Finding it hard to ignore, Gabe visits an old family friend who reveals that the ramblings of Archy may not be as made-up as he wants to believe. As the mysterious world begins to take shape, Gabe finds himself and his family hunted by masked invaders who seem hell bent on recovering the diary and secrets contained within. Suddenly, hunted by members of a mysterious organisation, Gabe and his two children must embrace the truth in Archy’s words as his wife Sara is kidnapped and held to ransom. 

Discovering secrets hidden in plain sight and embarking upon a journey that will change them all forever, they rediscover the legacy of Archy and what it stands for. Watched at every turn, the family must make a simple choice: Surrender their discoveries and risk the rebirth of The Magdon or else accept their fate and stand tall against the darkness. 

Into the Dark is a twisting journey of rediscovery and growth following Gabe and his family as they come to realise we know nothing of the dark world that exists alongside our own. 

©2017 Tobey Alexander (P)2018 Tobey Alexander

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