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Sintesi dell'editore

As one of the most consistently exciting writers to emerge in the last 25 years, Orson Scott Card has been honored with numerous awards, while immersing readers in dazzling worlds only he could create. Now, in Enchantment, Card works his magic as never before, transforming the timeless story of Sleeping Beauty into an original fantasy brimming with romance and adventure.
©1999 Orson Scott Card; (P)2007 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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  • Annette
  • 07 05 2008


OSC is not reliable, I've been dissapointed here and there. But not this time. It's rather nicely done. I'd say it's close to Gaimon worthy with a little more reality built-in. It's a tale for an age where our history and past are a bit neglected. Not smushy in the tale sense either - a smart, mythical trip into magic for anyone. Meaning you dont' have to be a chic to carry it around the park eh?

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  • Jana
  • 03 02 2009

Unique and engaging.

Card deals with the Sleeping Beauty in a unique way in this book and it is definitely intriguing. This story jumps between the present and the 9th century and between Russia (before and after the fall of the Berlin wall) and the U.S. It blends magic and modern technology, has likeably flawed characters, and is, overall, extremely enjoyable.

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  • Neale Blackwood
  • 05 11 2008

converting to fantasy

Highly recommend.

I've been a sci-fi reader for decades and haven't really delved into fantasy only LOTR. I read Harry Potter so I could discuss it with my kids but the magic didn't make sense to me.

This has started my conversion to fantasy at least OSC version of fantasy. This was a great story with lots of twists and action. The magic didn't overpower the story and mostly made sense to me.

It was well read by both readers and was an enjoyable experience. I looked forward to the drive to work and home.

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  • pakkmom
  • 22 03 2009

Wonderfully done!

I am not a fan of OSC books. I have tried to read any number of them and just can't seem to get into them. This was a wonderful book and I loved it! Full of humor, imagination, thoughtful insights, and historical background. Bravo to the narrators as well. Having both a male and female narrator really brought this book to life for me. Once I started listening I had difficulty pausing to take care of real life. Lovely book!

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  • Nicoya
  • 27 04 2008

A modern day Fairy Tale

I've read the book twice and listened to it repeatedly as well. It is full of imagination and makes one wonder what truth lies behind other fairy tales. This is one of my favorite summer reads.

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  • Quahog
  • 28 01 2008

Fantasy with Historical and Mythical Elements

An imaginative tale that uses _Sleeping Beauty_ as a point of departure for a fantasy that links the 20th century with an imagined 9th century Slavonic kingdom. The ending is weaker than the rest of the story (a common phenomenon,) but it held my interest all the way through.

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  • Jody R. Nathan
  • 09 01 2008

a grown up fairy tale

This is a charming take on Sleeping Beauty; a Russian boy leaves the Soviet Union and returns when he is an adult; he goes back to the woods which haunt his dreams, finds the damsel, and rescues her. There are trials, and the hero and the beauty are able to pass into each other's worlds. The audio is very good, and Mr. Rudnicki is wonderful as always.

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  • Yawn20
  • 23 07 2008


This was a BRILLIANT reading of a wonderful book! You have to understand that I ENJOYED getting stuck in traffic twice a day for 2 hours EACH WAY so I could listen to this book. It was an absolute MASTERPIECE!!!!! Buy it, download it, listen and see for yourself.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 28 02 2008


This is probably one of the top five "stand alone" books I've ever read. I just loved it! It is the true "modern fairy tale". There is just no book more romantic than this.

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  • Storia
  • Paul
  • 27 04 2008

Waiting for a Sequel

What a great book. Stories of time travel are always fun. Unlike Mr. Cards other works, this is a fantastic work of fantasy that ties the lore of Slavic fairy tales into modern day human experiences. Stephan Rudniki narrates this with skill. I normally like full cast performances, but after listening to a few of Rudniki's narrations, I find that there are few who can tell as story as well as he. I've grown so used to hearing his voice over my car stereo that I'm to the point where if I don't have a book on that he's narrating, I don't feel at home in my car anymore. Great narrator and a fun little book. I hope there's a sequel.

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  • Eliza
  • 20 03 2017


Beautiful book! Perfectly written. Orson Scott Card is exceptionally versatile, this is a completely different book from any of the Eder's Game verse. The only thing that he keeps is the absolutely gripping plot line and fantastic pace. Definitely worth your time.

10/10 would recommend.

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  • Sue
  • 24 12 2012


I loved this story! The narrators were wonderful and I was so determined not to miss a single word that I bought the book to read and then had to listen to the story all over again before I could bear to move on to a new story - wonderful