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Sintesi dell'editore

When war broke out on the planet Harmony, the Oversoul of that colonized world selected the family of Wetchik to carry it back to long-lost Earth. Now the tribe is ready at last to take a ship to the stars.

But from the beginning there has been bitter dispute between Wetchik's sons, Nafai and Elemak. On board the starship Basilica, the children of the tribe will become pawns in the struggle for control of reclaimed Earth. Each faction is making secret plans to awaken the children early from the cold-sleep capsules in which they will pass the decades-long journey, hoping to gain years of influence on their minds and win their loyalty.

But the Oversoul is truly in control of this journey, and only the son who wears the cloak of the Starmaster really understands what this will mean to all their plans for the future.

©1995 Orson Scott Card (P)2008 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

"This action-packed, plot-rich installment features Card's typical virtues: well-drawn characters and a story driven by complex moral issues." ( Publishers Weekly)"[Card's] literary gifts and philosophical turn of mind continue to carry [this saga] on at a very high level...." ( Booklist)"This series continues to impress." ( Kirkus Reviews)

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  • Virgil
  • 02 02 2016

Another OSC hit(until Mormon overtones shine thru)

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

I'm a fan of series books and OSC, and have enjoyed "Homecoming" quite a bit. The "Book of Mormon" overtones start to shine through a bit more in "Earthfall". It doesn't quite get in the way of the story, but it does start to pull you out of it a bit.

What does Stefan Rudnicki bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

Stefan Rudnicki may be the best narrator out there. That guy could make the phone book entertaining. The twins having basically the same name would have been a pain, but letting Stefan handle pronunciation made it easier to deal with.

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  • Dan
  • 18 06 2015

A great ending!

This really is the ending to the arc that started in book 1. It does a great job at tying up loose ends and explaining mysteries that may have confused you for a while now.

The only complaint I have is that conflict is getting a bit formulaic and predictable: all of the conflicts seem to have the same causes and same resolutions, so you always know roughly what to expect. I docked the story one star for this.

Otherwise, it's a very entertaining end to a very entertaining series. I'm glad I invested the time to read these!

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  • Jeffrey C. Coyne
  • 05 01 2009


This installment provides excellent entertainment but flags towards its conclusion. The plot line and characters build well but there is a sense of forced speed in summing up the series.

Having read the Ender books and the Seventh Son series, common plot themes suggest Orson Scott Card may have been stung by his brothers as a child. I suppose the insertion of golden tablets into the EarthFall tale was tempting from an LDS persective but added little toward completing the story. Even so, the entertainment value of this series is high and this author consistently provides diverting stories.

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  • Jacobus
  • 15 01 2012

This can be a good conclusion to this series

So far this is the best book of the Homecoming Series. By now it is clear that the story is more about humans and their personal agendas, than about the storyline. This series is definitely inspired by - maybe even drenched in - the Book of Mormon and feels very "religious." Yet Orson Scott Card also twists the classical Mormon story, introducing some ethical conundrums and politically correct ideas in the series, which makes it interesting. Stefan Rudnicki is an excellent interpretive reader and does the series proud. I do think that you must have a special acquired taste for Orson Scott Card to treasure this series.

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  • Chuck C
  • 26 10 2017

weak ending to a weak story

The original volume in this series (Memory of Earth) started out with an interesting premise and world building and thus I slogged my way through this series in hopes of a payoff. I could not have been more disappointed. The performance was great however so credit where its due.

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  • Kimberly
  • 03 03 2016

Another winner!

This series gladdened me on many levels. Well worth the read. Do not miss it.

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  • Jeremy D Pratt
  • 14 06 2015

The narrator is great!

The story is good, as to be expected. The Narrator is what does it for me. Stefan Rudnicki tells a wonderful tale.

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  • hordinski
  • 07 04 2010

book of mormon-retold

it's an entertaining story, but the author is essentially retelling and trying to give some possible factual theory to the Book of Mormon. it's better than most propaganda, but (although i love the work of OSC) it's propaganda nonetheless. when reading these, i kept getting the feeling that i was being sold an idea.. then when the "Golden Plates" get made. sheesh. i don't know if i'm even interested in finishing the book

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  • Ron Emil G. Castro
  • 21 09 2015

Have I read this before?

Spoiler alert!

Toward the end of this book, the story got a little too reminiscent of the last books of the Ender series. Genetic manipulations leading to implausible symbioses in an alien ecosystem?

I guess it should also have taken me fewer books to realize that the Oversoul is sort of like Jane redux.

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  • Radish Bliss
  • 09 01 2009

Nephi makes golden plates :| how original

I love how Card makes aliens so original.
other than that Jeffrey(Chapel Hill, NC, USA)'s review below has everything I was going to say.

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