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How would you face the unknown? Ashes: Book One of the Dai Arati Story is the tale of a peaceful yet cautious society called Imbu. Every 30 years the Great Cleansing sweeps across the land, burning all of the ground vegetation to ash in a necessary process of renewal. It is a cycle as predictable and timeworn as any of the Imbu can remember. It is cause for great alarm, therefore, when they discover a portion of the forest that remains uncleansed even after the great fire. Two courageous scouts, Cetyo and Serevol, are sent to investigate and to cleanse the forest, and they make a startling discovery: a monster unlike anything they could have imagined.

Throughout a subsequent journey of discovery, Cetyo tests the limits of her bravery, her loyalty, and her closely held beliefs. She confronts the heartache and regret within her own life and faces the challenge of a new and great unknown that now threatens the Imbu—an unknown with the potential for destruction like her world has never seen.

©2009 Britt Gallagher (P)2009 Tate

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