• Abducting Abby

  • The Dragon Lords of Valdier, Book 1
  • Di: S. E. Smith
  • Letto da: David Brenin
  • Durata: 6 ore e 30 min
  • Versione integrale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 10 04 2015
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: S.E. Smith
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Sintesi dell'editore

Abby Tanner is content to live on her mountain while she creates beautiful works of art and enjoys the peace and quiet. All that changes when a strange golden spaceship crash lands on it. Now Abby has to deal with a golden ship, a tortured alien, and an insane local sheriff.

Zoran Reykill knew he had to find a safe place to heal after he'd escaped from a Curizan military post. When his symbiosis mother ship takes him to an unknown planet, he finds more than he expects - he finds his true mate. But Abby doesn't understand a thing Zoran says, and the local sheriff wants her, too. There's only one thing the king of Valdier can do: abduct his true mate.

Now Zoran has his hands full as he attempts to help Abby accept her new life, all the while keeping his true mate safe in his own world. He will need all the help he can get to convince this stubborn human that she doesn't need her mountain back on Earth - he just needs to keep her alive and away from the other males on his planet. No matter what, Zoran knows abducting the sensual beauty is something he'll never regret.

©2011 S. E. Smith (P)2015 S. E. Smith

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  • 06 05 2015


Answer me this, if you had no family and lived alone in the mountains then one morning you came across a beautiful shimmering gleaming golden space ship that seemed alive would you stroke it and talk to it..... Hell no. And then you saw an injured handsome human looking Alien lying injured in the grass would you help him, bathe him and have sex with him within a day..... mmmm probably not. And, within a few frustrating, tense and drama filled days where you found out he could shift into a Dragon, would you fall hopelessly in love with him, bond with him and leave Earth to go to his planet..... well now that's a difficult one because he was handsome, hung and hot.

But that's exactly what Abby did when she rescued Zoran, King of Valdier, and fell hard for his personality, his protectiveness, his thoughtfulness, his vulnerability and his sexual prowess in the bedroom, the kitchen, the fields, the spaceship.... well you get the drift. Yes it's all implausible but it all adds up to a very enjoyable listen that somehow draws you in because once they land on Valdier there are dangerous enemies lying in wait ready to attack..... and the attack has deadly consequences. Abby needs to adjust to her new feelings and life and is helped by the other women that have been snatched along with her.... but nothing could prepare her for the biggest change of all..... wings, scales, claws, a tail and a fire breathing snout.

Instant lust, out of this world chemistry, a host of likeable secondary characters, some hot sex scenes, drama, angst and humorous moments all adds up to a very entertaining and captivating Alien abduction romance. Told from many character's POV's but mainly Abby and Zoran's and the narrator did a good job.

Worth a credit? It was a quick to develop romance but it was tender and had heart, there were eye-rolling parts but they were easily outweighed by the sweet, juicy, tense and surprising parts and the story is just getting started as Zoran's brothers are all very interested in the other women and there's still an enemy plotting against them. This story held my attention all the way through, despite the 'as ifs', it's a Science FICTION romance and if you enjoy them then I'm sure you too will find it a creditworthy purchase.

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  • TheGirlFromBama
  • 08 07 2015

I didn't like it as much as I thought I would

I really enjoy Laurann Dohner's Cyborg and New Species series and this sort of reminded me of that. Also a little of the Zorn Warrior series is in this too. But too many things conflicted to me, that left this book failing where those aforementioned books didn't.

First, this guy, Zoran, is supposed to be a king and a warrior but he's easily captured twice and has his mate stolen almost as soon as he takes her home. What is that about?? Also, when she goes into heat, how do the other men in their society not smell his scent on her? Even with her in heat, they should acknowledge and respect that. Right? Plus, isn't he king? So there's no hierarchy there? He just has to flee his own home because the men might rape his woman, who should, by all rights, be the queen?? Just weird. This book had potential, but too many weird things happened that bugged me.

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  • Mark Mackey
  • 17 04 2015

Abducting Abby review

If you could sum up Abducting Abby in three words, what would they be?

Fantastic Dragon tale.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Abby. She's an interesting, unique character.

Have you listened to any of David Brenin’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

No, this is the first one.

Any additional comments?

Enjoyable and entertaining. A winner. Can't wait for the second part.

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  • Troublemer
  • 05 08 2016

Wow Dragons

Zoran is a Dragon shifter from Valdier and he escaped from an enemy after being tortured for information. He landed on Earth, which is primitive compared to his planet. He is found by Abby who helps him to heal and he finds her to be his true mate and has plans to take her with him. He has contacted his brothers to come get him. He has not told Abby he is taking her with him. She is being stalked by the local sheriff but does not know it. He has plans to get her for himself. She makes items from glass and has made a piece for a client. She leaves Zoran to go and deliver the item and on her way back she bring the crew from the plane and the other passenger back to her house to rest. On their way to her house, the sheriff abducts Abby. Meanwhile, because of the bond now between Zoran and Abby he realizes she is in trouble. By now his brothers have arrived. He and they go looking for Abby and meanwhile the women from plane also are chasing after Abby to get her back. One of the women gets hurt bad and needs medical help and Abby has been drugged so they take all of them back to the ship and leave for their planet. After taking care of the sheriff. They took all of them because they had seen too much. and the crew from the plane she rode in has the crew two the plane she rode in along with another passenger. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to listening to the others. Great series. The narrator was great and brought out each character.

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  • Cyndi
  • 15 05 2015

What a fun story!!!

I really enjoyed this fun sexy story. It was very different than what I've listened to before. It was almost Paranormal meets Sci-Fi with aliens that shift into dragons! The characters were realistic and the sexy scenes were hot hot hot! I loved how it ended, no cliffhanger but ready for book 2. I'll will definitely continue with this series!

The narration was PERFECT! I have to say David Brenin has the best voice and I love that he doesn't really try to sound female, just softens his voice enough so you here the shift between the male & female characters! He has moved to my top 5 favorite narrators after this book!

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  • Cheri
  • 02 12 2015

Wow, Much Better Than I Though!

Abducting Abby was a surprising good story that impressed me. It ticked off all the highlights I look for in a good story, "hot romance", action, and great characters. I will definitely listen to the next story in the series.

Well worth the money spent on this story!

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  • Monique Atgood
  • 18 01 2016

Shape Shifter Overbearing Male

What did you love best about Abducting Abby?

The story was interesting, it kept me listening, even when I was yelling at the heroine to stop being a rug and letting the hero walk all over her.

Would you recommend Abducting Abby to your friends? Why or why not?

I didn't like the main male character. He made all the decisions, and did everything he wanted to, without any consideration as to what was best for his mate, and especially without any remorse as to what his mate/wife wanted.

What does David Brenin bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

The performer was good. I am always amazed at how they bring a book to life so seemingly easy.

Any additional comments?

It's a shape shifter book. I didn't realize it when I bought it, and I'm not a fan of the genre. The story was interesting, this reclusive young artist finds this naked guy and nurses him back to health. Then he wakes up and starts ordering her around and taking over her life, and becoming her lover (her first), then IMO being a major jerk and taking her off planet without her consent. (it's not a spoiler, it's the title of the book!). The book also ends on essentially a cliff hanger, and Abby just blithely forgives the hero/jerk for his actions, then goes about enjoying her new planet home. The book also ends on a cliff hanger, but I'm not particularly inclined to read more of their story, I like the writing, but the whole taking away choices without consequences is a big turn off.

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  • K. April Holgate
  • 14 05 2015

Freakin love this!!!!!!

Once again I am in love with a sci-fi series. I do not generally feel this genre, but Ms Smith has a way of drawing you in with engaging characters and compelling story telling. The women are sassy and fun, most of the time and the men are totally Alpha!!

I really like Abby, well when she is being herself, she has a little depression to get past, that was not so fun. It is understandable and handled well. It shows a complexity to the character. She has a tough back story and meets Zoran at a time when she still has a touch of the blues. It is great seeing her persevere and find her place in her new world.

Zoran is totally Alpha male and domineering. He thinks he can order her around and it will be okay. I liked seeing the difference in the cultures. It was interesting watching them grow together, finding compromises. Plus he is just too yummy!

I love the Sci-Fi aspects here. I can be picky, however, the world building here is terrific. Everything comes together nicely and you have some fabulous hints at the rest of the series. Four brothers and four new friends, hmm sounds like some more true mates! Great build and introductions.

The smexy is utterly delicious! Plenty of steam here with detail a plenty. It works with the story, and goodness knows I like things hot! The bonus here is the story is strong enough that it could stand without the steam. Not that I want it gone, cause I like it hawt!

This is a mixed POV mostly coming from the two leads but others mixed in here and there. The problem is that sometimes the transitions are not smooth. You can be with one character for a long time and then have a random line or two from another. I makes things a little jumpy. I like having the other character’s perspectives, just not the randomness of the thoughts. Not annoying enough to hurt my rating, cause I was thoroughly enthralled!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by David Brenin, who has been a favorite for some time. His reads are always delicious and flow beautifully. This is a delightful combination of wonderful narration and brilliant storytelling. The slight rasp to his voice fits the gruff alien dragon shifters. I can always depend on him to set a steady pace and keep the characters consistent. I am never disappointed with his yummy voice!

I am enraptured with this series and cannot wait to see each of the girls HEA happen. Those brothers are in for a real challenge! I am desperate for the rest of the series to hit audio!

Disclosure – I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts opinions and ratings are my own. I was under no obligation to post a review or give positive feedback.

*** I hope this review was useful to you and helped your decision to read or not read this book. I love reading and sharing my opinions with other readers. I listen at double speed; all my impressions of the narration are from that setting. Thanks for taking the time to read my review! You can see more audiobook reviews on my blog Eargasms Audiobook Reviews ***

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  • Scotty
  • 20 05 2015

Wow! This was a surprise!

OMG! If you like Alien, Dragons, and Romance, then, oh yeah! Author is good, check. Narrator,is excellent, check! 1+1= Great Book. Get it. Now, on to the second book in the series. Hurry up Audible and get the rest of the series up here.

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  • Edwina "I Love books"
  • 21 11 2016


If you could sum up Abducting Abby in three words, what would they be?

Erotic, Romance, Adventurous

What was one of the most memorable moments of Abducting Abby?

When Abby Scorched and Burned that man trying to rape her. She set is butt on fire!! Yeah Fire!! LOL he never got a chance to abuse her.

Have you listened to any of David Brenin’s other performances before? How does this one compare?


If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?


Any additional comments?

Abducting Abby was a Freebie on Amazon. Boy did I luck up this is an easy 5 star story!! I don't usually like Dragon stories, But loved Zoran a alien 3 part being, part man, part dragon and part Symbiot. This is an unusual Urban Fantasy story. Very Erotic but in a good way not to sleazy and not to much sex. Lots of Action and great secondary characters.

Zoran escapes being imprisoned and his Symbiot ship takes him to Earth. Zoran has been beaten and tortured for a month and when the human women Abby Tanner finds him unconscious in her meadow high in the mountains of Northern California she take him home an nurses him back to health. This starts a faced pace erotic adventure romance. With Abby being Stalked. Were Evil Villains are dispatched efficiently and quickly.

I really love Abby she is a womens women, beautiful brave and intelligent. She is the perfect True Mate to Zoran. The conversion into a Valdier Dragon Mate is really sensual and sexy.

I Highly Recommend Abducting Abby and of all things it was a Freebie on Amazon!!

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  • Miss
  • 14 08 2015

I listened to the end

It took me a while to work out if it the story were a spoof, it would have been so much better, edited as a spoof. The story could have been 'game of thrones' meets 'shades of grey' with alien interest. Instead our insatiable hero, an all powerful shift shaping dragon, ruler of alien universes has the reading age vocabulary of 12 year old. After a bit of experimental bestiality he carries our heroine's bags up to the 'spare room' in his mother's palace? Luckily the high queen makes a cozy cup of tea for the heroine. Fortunately for Amy, they have tea, coffee and 'stiff ones' for the men, on this 'alien' Earth. The women don't drink or think much but they do have multiple virginal orgasms. I listened to the end - long journey - I can't help feeling sorry for Amy; she really should have stayed in New York. Now she's stuck on an alien planet with a 'bit of rough' and his disturbingly suburban mother 'knitting bonnets and booties'!

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  • fiona
  • 14 10 2016

love it

I loved it looking forward to next book so much hotness and sweetnes.
this is such a good story so moving

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