Ep. 2: The Back of Beyond

Durata: 27 min
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[Contains Mature Themes] A body is found at the end of a path leading to three houses. The police, known in Ireland as “the Guards,” have little experience with serious crime in West Cork, and the victim - a French woman with a holiday home in the area - is a mysterious figure to locals. That night, as news of the murder makes its way through the community, everyone begins to question if they were ever truly safe.
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  • Dog in a Flat Cap
  • 26/07/2018

Nasty and exploitative

OK, so I didn't listen to the whole series. I listened to the first episode and then a bit of the second before deleting it. I cannot fathom why or how a true crime 'drama' has been made out of the death of a real person. It is beyond distasteful and actually beyond belief that this is being sold as 'a gripping crime series'. The first episode was a bit boring if I'm honest, but into Episode 2 and we're into details of the dead woman's body, how she was found, what she was wearing, what she wasn't wearing, all with 'atmospheric' background music - I turned it off. I'm not especially squeamish but I'm not sitting here listening to gruesome details of a real woman's murder as if it's an episode of Poirot.

Not cool, Audible.