The Winner's Mind Set  Audiolibri

The Winner's Mind Set

  • Autore: Joey Yap
  • Narratore: Joey Yap
  • Durata: 1 ore e 16 min
  • Formato:Versione integrale

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Discover how it is possible for individuals to design their destiny by understanding themselves better in order to take the path of least resistance to success. Listeners are shown how BaZi works, simply based on a person's birth information and what can be revealed from there. Mr. Yap continues on to explain the three levels of BaZi, namely the 10 Day Masters, the five Structures, and the 10 Profiles. After BaZi, he proceeds to the subject of Feng Shui, which intrigues the participants on how the positive energies of their home can enhance the outcomes of their personal endeavors. The listeners learn about the Flying Stars with useful tips and Feng Shui applications that they can take advantage of immediately.

©2011 Joey Yap (P)2011 Made for Success, Inc.

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