Team Is from Venus, You're from Mars  Audiolibri

Team Is from Venus, You're from Mars

  • Autore: John Gray
  • Narratore: John Gray
  • Durata: 1 ore e 19 min
  • Formato:Versione integrale

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Though different departments (Venus versus Mars) within an institution or corporation often work toward their own department's goals, the two can find common ground when it comes to individual and combined goals. The two sides must work together. There are three elements essential for bringing Mars and Venus into the same orbit - leadership, structure, and talent.

First, leadership. The magic of gifted leadership is that it sees the benefits of breaking down those barriers. A strong leader with a strategic vision is a great start. But to drive collaboration, you also need a good organizational structure, which is the second element. The third essential element for fruitful Mars-Venus collaboration: human resources.

If you don't have the right people in the job, progress will be hindered. Then, if leadership, structure, and talent are the three legs of the stool, communication is the glue that holds them all together, or in this case, the gravitational force that makes the planets spin round.

©2011 John Gray (P)2011 Made for Success, Inc.

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