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Best-selling author and renowned marketer Joe Vitale reveals the most powerful secret of effective persuasion the world has ever known!

Learn to:

  • Master a sales and marketing technique that works like magic
  • Turn reluctant skeptics into loyal customers by saying the right words at the right time
  • Control the way customers perceive you and your product

    Combining the basics of marketing with cutting-edge concepts in mind control, Vitale shows how salespeople can put customers in a special mental state in which they are more suggestible and pliant. During this "buying trance" the salesperson can help frame and position the way the customer perceives the product, leading to more sales. For daring salespeople who want to make the sale every time, these cutting-edge techniques in persuasion offer the key to incredible success.

    ©2007 Joe Vitale; (P)2007 Gildan Media Corp

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