Classic Radio's Greatest Science Fiction Shows, Volume 1

The Classic Radio Sci-Fi Series
Durata: 5 ore e 56 min
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This collection contains 13 of the greatest science fiction shows ever broadcast during the golden age of radio - including two episodes each of Dimension X, CBS Radio Workshop, and X Minus One, plus three episodes of Suspense and Escape.

Radio's finest actors perform before the microphones, including William Conrad, Parley Baer, Joseph Cotton, Hans Conried, Paul Frees, John Dehner, and Peggy Webber. You'll be entertained by stories from such master science fiction writers as H. G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, Graham Doar, Mary Shelley, H. L. Gold, and George Steward.

Relive 13 of the best classic radio sci-fi shows from yesteryear and the legendary stars that made them great in this incredible collection.

Public Domain (P)2015 Black Eye Entertainment, LLC

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Show List

1 Dimension X - The Outer Limit by Graham Doar & Ernest Kinoy 4-8-50
2 Dimension X - The Parade by George Lefferts 8-25-50
3 Suspense - Frankenstein by Mary Shelley & Antony Ellis 6-7-55
4 Suspense - The Black Door by Robert Arthur 11-19-61
5 Suspense - The Second Door by Robert Readick 5-6-62
6 CBS Radio Workshop - Brave New World (Part One) by Aldous Huxley & William Froug 1-27-56
7 CBS Radio Workshop - Brave New World (Part Two) by Aldous Huxley & William Froug 2-3-56
8 X Minus One - The Martian Death March by Ernest Kinoy 9-8-55
9 X Minus One - The Old Die Rich by H.L. Gold & Ernest Kinoy 7-17-56
10 Hollywood Star Playhouse - The Tenth Planet by Charlie Smith & Ralph Rose 9-7-52
11 Escape - The Time Machine by H.G. Wells & Irving Ravetch 5-9-48
12 Escape - Earth Abides (Part 1) by George Stewart & David Ellis 11-5-50
13 Escape - Earth Abides (Part 2) by George Stewart & David Ellis 11-12-50